24 Site Cloning System

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Aeroponic Cannabis Clone System

A new way of taking clones!
No more Jiffy Pellets.

Provides cannabis cutting with a high humidity environment that is ideal for the stimulation and formation of new roots.


  • 5 x Mister system
  • 1 x Misting reservoir
  • 1 x 24 hole clone tray
  • Extra mister heads
  • 115 W Boyu Submergible water pump (1.5m  max height)
  • 24 colourful, reusable clone holders
  • Easy to clean, removable, foldable plastic dome
  • Instruction manual

Fully Constructed Dimensions:
41cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 41cm (H)

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Misters spray pH balanced water upwards, creating a very fine mist and a high humidity environment. This environment stimulates the production of roots in cannabis cuttings.

Cannabis clones take up water from the air and this system is designed for that.
Super easy to setup.

This technique is really new and we are excited to have a product like this on our website.
We look forward to testing this product. From the looks of the product, we are excited to see how she performs.

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