Angry Rick Dab Tool

Angry Rick Dab Tool

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For all the Rick lovers out there, this ones for you! Why is he angry? Because you aren’t smoking enough dabs.

This tool is great for:

  • Preparing that sweet sticky intergalactic dab/rosin.
  • Unblocking that scientific smoking device you own.
  • Showing off to your friends
  • Just owning. I mean come on- its ANGRY RICK!

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You a fan of Rick Sanchez are ya? Well well well…do we have something for you.

ANGRY RICK is here to become your new favorite dab tool/ collectors item, why? Because you can collect the set of Rick and Morty Tools!

Dont thank us, thank Rick while you taking a Dab!

Use in conjunction with the dab pot for best storage results.

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