Atami Bloombastic Bloom Booster 50ml

Atami Bloombastic Bloom Booster 50ml

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Bling Bling Buds

Bud booster as well as bio-stimulant.

Use in the 4-6th week of flower.

  • Denser Buds
  • Sweeter Flavours
  • More Terpenes
  • High Phosphorus and Potassium contents
  • Sample Bottle (50ml)

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Atami Bloombastic Bloom Booster

Atami Bloombastic Bloom Booster acts as a flower booster. The nutrients present are mainly Phosphorus as well as Potassium. P and K are good for bloom and needed in higher amounts.

The nutrients are rapidly absorbed as well as acting to accelerate hardening of buds due to more of the essential nutrients. As well as improving quality.

Final buds as well as being denser have a better oil content.

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