Blumat 1 Bar Pressure Reducer


Blumat 1 Bar Pressure Reducer

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Blumat 1 Bar Pressure Reducer

Instead of using a reservoir you can also connect your blumat system directly to a tap. potentially creating larger irrigation systems.


  • Never have to run out of water
  • Pressurised system makes it harder for mold and algae to develop.
  • Let admin
  • Easier management.
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Connect your Blumat irrigation system straight to the tap and that removes the need for a reservoir which can be prone to growing moulds and needs regular cleaning. Attaching the pressure reducer to the 8mm feeding  tubing that is compatible with all the other Blumat carrots and drippers. This product can potentially create larger irrigation systems than with gravity fed systems.

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We recommend the use of multiple Blumat products as they work hand in hand to achieve the desired goal.

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