Bushmen’s Delight Regular – Breeders Pack

Bushmen’s Delight Regular – Breeders Pack

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Strain Information

(5 Regular Seeds in Pack) 

Breeder: Amadeadly Seeds
Seed Type: Regular seeds
Variety: Indica dominant
Genetics: F13 Bubba (DJ Short F13 X Pre ’98 Bubba Kush) X Mad Queen (Mad Kush Chainsaw cut X Queen Kush)
Flowering time: 10 weeks

Born out of the dark waters of OG moonshiners, and crafted over almost a decade, Bushmen’s Delight offers some old school blueberry Bubba flavs.

Seeds are for the sole purpose of genetic preservation. The cultivation of the seeds is not the intended use. We recommend that you do not expose the seeds to water in case/ to prevent of accidental germination.

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A perfect Indica that has been bread for over 25 years by the most OG underground growers of South Africa. The Amadeadly team has made it their goal to provide stable and acclimatized genetics to your growrooms.

Proudly South African

We’ve only recently started sharing our work with the public- legend strains such as BushFire OG , Lemon Cheesecake, and the Mad Family Heirloom lines, amongst others. Additionally, many South African seedbanks are now using our genetics to create their own!
Uncompromising about potency and passionate about terp profiles- proper cannabis starts with proper genetics. And this is what we’re about.

Why regular seeds?

Natural germination by selective breeding of the best female plants with the best males, result in regular seeds. Regular seeds can be either male or female.

Manipulating a female plant into producing pollen to fertilize another female, produces feminized seeds. This manipulation can lead to an unstable strain, with a tendency for females to become a pollen producing hermaphrodite or more susceptible to mould or diseases. Regular F1 unaltered female seeds are preferred by connoisseurs, as the truest representation of that strain.

Regular seeds are as nature intended them to be.
Seeds with the strongest and most stable genetic traits.
Seeds of distinction and quality.

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