Co2 Tablets

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CO2 is the building blocks of a plants food source. Indoor growers that do not have sufficient ventilation will need to supplement CO2 as the plants absorb it.

  • Increase Carbon Dioxide
  • Increased Growth
  • Healthier Plant

The CO2 Tablets can be used in 3 ways:

  • Root Absorption: Dissolve a tablet in 5L water and pour into roots
  • Foliar Absorption: Use one open container for every 2 plants. Dissolve and place as close to leaves as possible.
  • Hydroponic Absorption: Dissolve tablets directly in your reservoir.

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Carbon Dioxide is vital to improving your plants health. In an environment with a higher level of CO2 plants are able to grow up much stronger as there as an abundance of CO2 that they process into oxygen. This relationship allows for a healthier plant and in turn a larger harvest.

Please note:
For best results it is recommended that air extractors be tuned off while dissolving.
Do not use them during the dark period as the plants will not absorb them.
The best time for application is just after starting the lights.




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