CULTILÈNE Large Rockwool Cubes in Tray

CULTILÈNE Large Rockwool Cubes in Tray

R260.00 Incl

Cultilène clone tray and rockwool cubes to promote clone root development and healthy vigorous growth.

  • This media is inert and pathogen free.
  • Vigorous root development
  • Easy air and moisture control

Dimensions: 35mm x 35mm x 40mm

Fits in the 100mm Cube

This can also be used in conjunction with the root it cloning dome 


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Cultilène has a great reputation in the industry as a company that puts the grower first. The Cultilène stonewool cubes are made to fit the large hole blocks and are supplied in an easy-to-use tray. The cubes have an effective air-to-water ratio and a reliable homogeneity with great strength and dimensional stability and excellent controllability.


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