DRIKELP® Dried Kelp 1kg

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DRIKELP® is sundried Ecklonia maxima collected from the shoreline and milled to a 2-3mm dried flake.

The Benefits of using DRIKELP®

  • Increased nutrient uptake in plants
  • Stronger root and leaf growth
  • Higher marketable yields
  • Improved soil health
  • Increased microbial activity in soil
  • Builds up humus
  • Slow release plant food
  • Provides macro and micro nutrients
  • Improved disease and pest resistance
  • Improved water retention

Proudly South African

This product is locally sourced.

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DRIKELP® is sundried Ecklonia maxima collected from the shoreline and milled to a 2-3mm dried flake. Commonly known as brown seaweed, it is gathered on the West Coast of South Africa after being fed by the nutrient rich cold Benguela current that runs north from the Antarctic.
Ecklonia Maxima contains micro, and macro nutrients, Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). The full range of amino acids. Natural growth hormones, auxins and cytokinins which are present, are easily taken up by land plants.

When applied to the soil DRIKELP® builds up and over time improves the quality and structure of the soil as it breaks down. As this product decomposes vitamins, plant hormones and a broad spectrum of macro and micro-nutrients are released; these nutrients release slowly and are long lasting plant food that promotes soil health.



  1. 3/4 fill your container with soil mix of your choice.
  2. Insert recommended amount of DRIKELP® for container size into the middle
    of the container and mix.
  3. Place plant as desired, fill with soil and water well.


Every 2-3 weeks, sprinkle recommended dosage of DRIKELP® loosely around base of stem and water well.

SOIL AREA SOIL volume quantity dry kelp required
small pot
1 liter = 2.5ml DRIKELP®
2 liter = 5ml DRIKELP®
5 liter = 10ml DRIKELP®
med pot
10 liters = 20 ml DRIKELP®
large pot
22 liters = 40ml DRIKELP®

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Weight 1 kg
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