Easy Cloning Kit

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Easy Clone Kit


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The following Items can be selected in this kit:

  • Clone Dome Lid
  • Clone Dome Tray
  • Propagation Tray
  • Rooting Hormone
  • Jiffy Pellets/ Performa Pellets
  • Scalpel

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Easy Cloning Kit

A clone kit are a great way to preserve genetics as well as speed up times between harvests.


Steps For Cloning

1. Select your desired cannabis plant for cloning.

2. Using a sharp and sterilized blade, make a 45-degree angle cut at the lower part of the plant stem that you’d like to regrow- this provides the maximum surface area for a successful germination.

3. Immerse the cannabis cuttings in water as soon as possible. Doing this ensures that air bubbles do not form inside the exposed stem.

4. If your cutting has lots of leaves still left on it, it is advisable to trim some of them off or cut the leaf tips off- about halfway down the leaf. Having fewer leaves allows the new clone to focus on growing roots. It is best to remove leaves closest to where the cut was made. These leaves are old, and will not affect new growth.

5. Apply a rooting hormone to the exposed tip of the clone cutting before placing it the growing medium- make sure the medium is already prepared for the clone. (ie. Jiffy pod, rockwell cubes etc.)

6. Place the clones inside the Clone Dome and make sure to always keep the clones growing medium wet/moist. It must never ever dry out. Lift the lid of the clone dome 1-2 times daily to allow new fresh air into the dome. Within 2-4 weeks you will see roots. If 1 clone shows signs of roots you are doing something correct, this is a good sign because this means the other clones should root also.

Tips: Do not over water/spray the clones- only spray when the medium looks/feels dry. Keep the Temperature 23-25*C and don’t lift the lid often- leave the clones to do their thang, they don’t like to be fiddled with. Overall very easy to do, just keep mediums wet and lid closed (open 1-2 times a day for fresh air). A little warmth wont hurt them but will help them out, keep within the 20-30*c zone. Lastly let the clones fog up the clone dome, no need to spray the whole inside wet- they will naturally create moisture.


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