Ecobuz Disease Pro – Preventative Biofungicide 3 Doses

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A broad-spectrum efficacy yet non-toxic, completely natural and no withholding period.

  • Beneficial bacteria that grow on your leaves
  • Prevents –
            • Powdery Mildew
            • Downy Mildew

Dilute sachet into 1L water, apply as a full cover spray, contact with diseases is important. Apply when disease is first noticed, repeat after 7 days – 14 days. Minimum of 3 applications.

Beneficial Bacteria


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Bio-fungicide Beneficial Bacteria

As the beneficial bacteria grows on your plants leaves they produce antimicrobial metabolites, these substances coat the leaves and prevent the growth of fungi without harming your plants.

The beneficial bacteria is able to out compete pathogens by occupying their growth space by growing faster and dominating the competitors food sources.

Applications of this products stimulates the natural defense mechanisms and systematic resistance to disease over time.

Directions for use.

  • 3-pack carton containing 3 x 5g sachets 
  • Dilute one 5g sachet in 1L of water and mix well. 
  • Apply as a full cover spray (contact with the disease is important)
  • Apply as preventative or at sign of first infection
  • Repeat application after 7 days with a minimum of 3 applications.
  • Disease ProBa does not impose any risk of residues on harvested crops. 


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