Electronic Growing Timer

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Going away for the weekend and can’t turn on and off the grow lights? Digital timer to control daily light cycles in grow rooms. Easy to program and install.

  • Keeping your grow on time.
      • Saves your time. It is not always possible to get to your lights at exactly the right time every day.
      • Preserves the lifespan of your lights. Forgetting to turn off, or leaving your lights on passed the manufacturers guidelines can be costly.
      • Increased Yield. Noting better than an increased yield.

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While Growing Cannabis it is essential to keep your babies under strict lighting. Different stages of the cannabis life cycle require different amounts of light. Using this electronic switch you can get that perfect 12 – 12 or 18 – 6. Choose from a variety of programmable timing options while much easier to use than those clunky manual timers.



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