Feminized Easy 2.4 Grow Kit


Feminized Easy 2.4 Grow Kit

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  • This Kit comes with a 10% discount on a selection of PHOTOPERIOD FEMINIZED seeds
  • Grow Tent
  • Lighting
  • Soil 
  • Pots – Select your options before checkout
  • Ventilation – Inline Fan + Carbon Filter
  • Grow Accessories (pH meter/ timer/ hygrometer/TDS/EC Meter)

Seeds have a 10% Discount

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Indoor Grow Kit Overview:

An indoor grow kit offers more control over the environment for your cannabis plants compared to outdoors.

Photoperiod Cultivation

  • With sufficient lighting, as well as ventilation, 8 – 12 plants at maximum can be cultivated from seed/clone to flower.
  • Plant into 30L planting containers.

Autoflower Cultivation

  • With sufficient lighting, as well as ventilation, 12 – 16 plants at maximum can be cultivated from seed to flower.
  • Plant into 10-20L planting containers.

Indoor Grow Containers

For the best results for photoperiod plants it is suggested to use 30L pots. This size pot offers optimal amounts of nutrients as well as root development which will translate into bigger yields.

Calculating amount of substrate needed:

  • For every 30L grow bag, you will need a single bag of 30L substrate
  • 8x 30L pots = 8x 30L bags of substrate (240L of soil)
  • 12x 30L pots = 12x 30L bags of substrate (360L of soil)

Indoor Ventilation

Ventilation is key for indoor growing and the Zootly 2.4 x1.2 x 2m tent comes with multiple different ventilation ports. These ports have mylar coated socks, as well as draw strings to stop light leaking. The ports can be connected to 150mm ducting or  200mm ducting and a 150mm inline or 200mm Inline ventilation fan, such as the In Line Fan IMF 150  or HIT 200.

Grow Kit Lighting

With enough lighting this tent can flower out 12 plants.

Quantum boards have become extremely popular, MSA offers the KingBrite 240w – Samsung LM301H + Epistar LED Quantum Grow Light. These boards offers an excellent spread for the one half of the grow space (1.2 x 1.2m). Two lights will offer a minimum amount of lighting required to run both sides. As well as supporting 4-6 flowering plants per side. For a more even canopy growers should consider a third 240W KingBrite.

The DeltaGrow series of modular units are for those seeking RAW POWER. Two of the extremely high powered ModFour – 400W LED Grow Light are the equivalent to a 800W HPS fitting. With this much RAW POWER growers can except yields close to 1.2-1.5g per Watt of power. With 1600W of HPS equivalent light as well as a fraction of the heat means grows can expect 1.2kg per light.

The IndorSun range of LED lighting is another option. Each light is a 110W full spectrum LED unit with added Far Red diodes. The spread is excellent as well as offering a built in surge protector. For this sized tent, four of each unit is advised for maximized light spread. The 1m Linear Comet will fit nicely side by side as well as a very even spread over the entire area. The more rectangular Eclipse units can be spread out and will produce a dense and even canopy for ScroG and LST growing.

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