In Line Fan HIT-100

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Hydor Line Fan 100mm used for ventilation in conjunction with 100mm ducting. This 2 speed adjustable in line fan is powerful and neat, allowing for good ventilation. The Hydor line comes with different strengths of fans.

  • Speed Setting: High And Low
  • Ducting size: 100mm
  • Input wattage: 220V
  • Wall Draw: 59w
  • Fan Speed: 2641rpm
  • efficiency: 219m3/hr
  • IP44 motor water resistance
  • Read up on the benefits of ventilation here.

Perfect to used in a grow tent for aeration and ventilation.

These fans don’t come with a wire and plug, it will need to be attached once purchased.

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  • Removes stale air and replaces it with fresh new air
  • Promotes healthy growth
  • Reduces risk of disease and pests
  • Control humidity and temperatures

Controlling your growing conditions during flowering stages to reduce humidity will reduce the risk for molds and mildews ruining a crop.

Wiring -(Very Important)

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