Just Cannabis Craft Cannabis Cocopeat Medium- 30L

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Just Cannabis Craft Growing Medium

Just Cannabis soil/ growing medium is a medium grade growing medium specifically formulated for the cultivation of cannabis.

  • 30 litres / 12 – 14 kilograms.
  • Compiled from naturally aged and buffered coconut husk, worm castings and organic plant food additives.
  • Dark medium coarse material with coconut husk pieces to increase the air filled porosity.
  • Additives include NPK 6:3:4 (16) + Mgo 4 + Ca + TE
  • pH Balanced soil 6.0 – 6.5
  • EC – < 2.8 mS/Cm
  • 92 % Minimum organic matter.
  • Less than 60% water / moisture (When packed)

    Proudly South African

    This product is locally sourced.

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A mix of coco coir and amendments that once saturated with water makes germinating seeds into the soil less risky than radioactive soil substrates.


Clones need a fluffy and lightweight medium to push their delicate roots through, and Just Cannabis Craft Soil provides growers with that.


Right out the bag and into the pot, Just Cannabis Craft Soil is pH neutral and designed to promote vigorous root and shoot growth for all potted plants. Just Cannabis Soils can also be added to existing beds and pots as top dressing.


Just Cannabis Soil contains additional amendments to boost plant growth and development throughout the vegetative cycle. During the flowering stage adding blackstrap molasses and Epsom salts is recommended for healthy plant development and fruit formation.


Keeping your ladies moist keeps them healthy and happy. Ensure the substrates top 2cm is moist at all times. Substrate allowed to dry out completely need to be properly re-hydrated.

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