LightHouse LITE 1.2 Indoor Grow Tent

R2,500.00 Incl

Calling All Growers!

The LightHouse LITE 1,2 Grow Tent is a high quality, budget grow tent. Simple design with durable light weight poles.


  • Tri Layer 210 Denier Fabric
  • Special LightHouse ULTRALUX reflective lining
  • Quality Tivax double lined zips for no light leaking and snagging
  • 16mm Steel Frame poles
  • 5x 250mm outlet holes with pull toggles
  • One piece drip tray for water runoff
  • 2x Straps for hanging filters
  • Door clips for easy fastening when open
  • Size: 1,2m x 1,2m x 2m


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Indoor Grow Tent

An indoor grow tent offers more control over the environment for your cannabis plants compared to outdoors.

The LightHouse range of tents offers premium quality at affordable prices. The Tri Layer 210 Denier fabric does not leak light.

The interior is highly reflective thanks to the Special LightHouse ULTRALUX reflective lining. 

The zippers are designed to block out light leaking from the tent as well as not casing snags on the fabric.

The doors when opened have little hooks that allow for the tent doors to stay open for easy working.


Ventilation is key for indoor growing and the LightHouse tents have in total 5x 250mm ports with mylar coated socks and draw strings to stop light leaking. These ports can be connected to 100mm ducting and a 100mm Inline ventilation fan, such as the HIT 100.

At the bottom of the tent, there are also two low level passive air vents with fine (anti-mite) mesh. These vents have a flap of Tri Layer 210 Denier Fabric over them to prevent light leaking.


The KingBrite 240w – Samsung LM301H + Epistar LED Quantum Grow Light offers a perfect light footprint for flowering inside this tent.

Those looking for RAW POWER should consider the extremely high powered ModFour – 400W LED Grow Light, as it will yield close to 1.2-1.5g per Watt of power and is equivalent to a 800W HPS fitting, that is 1.2kg of premium grade cannabis.


  • Size: 1,2m x 1,2m x 2m

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