Master Clone Kit

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Master Indoor Clone Kit – Select Your Own:

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  • 0.8m Tent
  • Lighting
  • Clone Dome, Tray and Propagation Tray
  • Aeroponic Clone Dome
  • Rooting Hormone
  • Jiffy Pellets/ Performa Pellets
  • Power Meter
  • Grow Timer
  • Humidity and Temperature Sensor
  • Scalpel, Alcohol etc

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Advanced Clone Kit

Cloning is a great way to preserve genetics as well as speed up times between harvests.

Clone Tent:

If you require a larger cloning space, the easy 0,8 grow tent placed horizontally can fit 4 clone domes side by side and a QTM140 perfectly.

This 0.8 x 0.8 x 1.6m tent can fit 4x clone domes when horizontal (laid on its side) or 2x when up right. Can also be used for Mother Plants.

Aeroponic Clone System:

Replaces the

  • Clone Lid
  • 60 hole inlay
  • Clone Tray

This system is designed to create a constant as well as high humidity environment that encourages healthier and stronger clones; in half the time.

Aeroponics is the future of clone propagation.