Raw Hemp Wick

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Natural beeswax hemp fiber wick

  • RAW hemp wick is a natural and sustainably sourced product
  • Bees wax coated
  • Hemp
  • Alternative to the trusty, Clipper.
  • 3m long



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Customer Review – Hemp Wick

“Compared to the unhealthy and unpleasant taste of a butane lighter, this RAW wick is the best way to light a bowl.”

“No need for refills, what more do you need?”

“You can really taste the weed, defiantly the most natural way to smoke my herb.”

Love and cared for by the professionals

The RAWthentic team uses only 2 products to make this unique way of bringing you the fire.

  • Beeswax,
  • Hemp
  • No Bullsh*t

The hemp plants used for the fiber are treated with the most love and respect. During the growing process, No pesticides are used. Even the ink used to print on the recycled hemp paper is natural.

The official RAWthentic website.

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