Rosin Filter Bags

Rosin Filter Bags

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Mesh bags used for pressing Rosin. These bags range from 25 to 160 Micron and can be bought individually.

25 Microns – Used for High Quality Bubble Hash. Extremely fine micron and provides amazing results when pressing a bubble. Used to make the final product in the process of live rosin.
37 Microns – Used for Pollen and Bubble Hash. This is an extremely fine micron and can provide amazing results when pressing an extract.
90 Microns – Used for extremely high quality flower. Provides a lower yield, however it filters most of the plant matter for an extremely clean final product.
120 Microns – “The all rounder”. Extracts a higher quality Rosin while still getting a decent yield. Use middle to high quality flower to ensure good results.
160 Microns – Used on lower quality flower for those seeking maximum yield. Extracts are more likely to contain plant matter.

The bags are 15cm (L) x 8cm (W).

High quality rosin bags available locally in South Africa direct to your door.

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5% off on 5 Units, 7.5% off on 10 Units, 10% off 20 Units, 20% off 50 Units


Rosin Filter Bag

Fill a Rosin Filter Bag with flower and then press it.  As well as being tasty, rosin is much better for you.

These bags are used in conjunction with a Rosin Press.

Microns available:

  • 25 Micron
  • 37 Micron
  • 90 Micron
  • 120 Micron
  • 160 Micron


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25 Micron, 37 Micron, 90 Micron, 120 Micron, 160 Micron


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