T.A. 3pack (Soft Water) Nutrients

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This is a 3 Part Pack of Inorganic and Chemical nutrients is from T.A. for Terra Aquatica® they have designed this pack as an all in one solution. This means that you can grow from start to finish with just 3 bottles.


These nutrients are inorganic chemical nutrients designed for use in Coco and hydroponic systems. We recommend following the nutrient schedule, deviations and overfeeding will cause nutrient burn. Chemical nutrients are absorbed rapidly as they are in an available form.

Soft Water means that the water you are using has low concentrations of dissolved minerals and this will be LOW in pH.

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Stimulates structural and vegetative growth, builds strong roots. Use higher levels in growth, and lower levels in flowering.

Plant Nutrient Content:
Nitrogen (N) 24.20 g/kg
Phosphorus (P) 5.5 g/kg
Potassium (K) 55.18 g/kg
Magnesium (Mg) 5.01 g/kg


Provides the forms of phosphorus and potassium that your plants need to increase root formation and health during growth, and help achieve their genetic potential to the maximum during flowering and fruiting. Use lower levels in growth, and higher levels in flowering.

Plant Nutrient Content:
Phosphorus (P) 25.90 g/kg
Potassium (K) 30.04 g/kg
Magnesium (Mg) 18.80 g/kg
Sulfur (S) 19.40 g/kg


FloraMicro is the foundation of the “building- block” system, providing micro-nutrients and trace nutrients and complementary macro-nutrients. Use FloraMicro as directed all the way throughout vegetative growth and bloom.

Plant Nutrient Content:
Nitrogen (N) 45.50 g/kg
Potassium (K) 10.59 g/kg
Boron (B) 0.01 g/kg
Calcium (Ca) 42.40 g/kg
Copper (Cu) 0.112 g/kg
Iron (Fe) 1.52 g/kg
Managanese (Mn) 0.635 g/kg
Zinc (Zn) 0.196 g/kg

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