Products for Cannabis Storage

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Products for Cannabis Storage

Now what do i do with it

I feel like a lot of us skimp on the storage for our cannabis. Growing up I stored my weed in an embarrassingly old plastic bankie that resulted in my weed getting nice and crusty. The first time I made rosin with a friend we stored it in a terrible hard plastic container and lost some to the realization that dab is sticky. So here are some products for cannabis storage so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

silicone dab pot
Silicon Dab Cup

1. The Silicon Dab Cup

Dab is sticky boys. Yes, I’m sure you guys all know that but we have all heard the horror stories. Dave in the office popped his dab into a loose piece of paper and lost most of it to dabs adhesive nature. The solution is silicone! These silicone dab cups solve this issue. The dab barely adheres to the material and the cup is squishy allowing you to roll the dab around to ensure you can get it out. It comes in multiple different sizes such as 5ml, 7ml and 9ml containers.

3ml transparent glass jar
Transparent Glass Dab Jar

2. Transparent Glass Dab Jar

The silicone dab cup is all good and well, the problem is that a few of us have been smoking for some time now. We have boring jobs and delightfully annoying children. That is when the Transparent Glass Dab Jar comes in handy. No one wants young Tommy to be making his first steps towards your easily accessible dab cup that he could pop in his mouth. The Glass Dab Jar has a child-lock to ensure that Tommy stays nice and safe. I personally use the jar for seeds, and kief as well as the casual bit of dab. It comes in a 3ml and a 5ml container for your pleasure.

3. Joint Container

Joint Container

This is more of a speciality item but it’s one that’s close to my heart. Have you ever gone to a party where you know there’s no opportunity to roll or a wedding where the parents wouldn’t approve? The solution is rolling at home but where do you put it where it won’t get squished. That’s where the Joint container comes in handy! It’s even child-proof and 116mm.


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