Red Dragon – Strain Review

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red dragon

Red Dragon – Strain Review

Lets chase the dragon

Red Dragon is a crazy hybrid strain. It’s a cross between Himalayan Kush and Utopia Haze (a strain hailing from Brazil). This strain was an experience unique and nostalgic all in the same time, definitely earning its powerful and illustrious name.

Lets start off with the jaw dropping look of this strain. The buds are a light, almost neon (if you’re smoking enough), green. The bud is then wrapped and tangled up in fiery orange hairs. Then when you get up close you get the sweet aroma of citrus fruits. The flavour is a nice earthy pine taste, with just a touch of sweetness.

The high is where Red dragon really shows its colours. It is a strong, intense wave of euphoria. I was laughing and giggling away. I was uplifted, and felt pretty content. It was super nostalgic reminding me of the power weed had the first time we all smoked.

This strain has been recommended for things like stress, or depression. However it was a powerful sensation, definitely meant for regular smokers. Some have said that this strain can cause some paranoia so avoid if you have problems with anxiety.

If you want to burn some of the dragon you can pick up some seeds here.


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