Why did my seedling just die?

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Why did my seedling just die?

Sudden Seedling Suicide Sucks

“Why did my seedling just die on me after being replanted?” This is a common and concerning event to happen to anyone, one that happens to many gardeners. Seedlings are delicate and need to be treated with very special care.

Drown Town
Soaking seeds in water for 24hrs to re-hydrating them in order to stimulate germination, can be a fatal choice as seeds are starved of oxygen. Dunk seeds for a couple minutes or use the preferred paper towel method for germination.

Cave Collapse
Germinated seeds can be lost in the soil if planted too deeply when watered. Upon being washed down into the soil they will begin to rot.  

Delicate Creatures
Without their first true set of leaves, cannabis seedling mortality is high and linked to over watering, nutrient overloads, temperature and humidity issues and pH imbalances.

Trench Foot
Water logged or over saturated soils cause delicate roots to rot and seedlings to just fall over and die. Soil saturation of 20-30% is recommend, making sure that all water and soils are pH 6 – 6.5.

Less Is More
Young seedlings do not need much to survive and adding nutrients or being in a nutrient rich soil mix, before the roots are developed can be fatal. Start seedlings off in a very basic soil without high organic material.  

Seedlings are humidity and temperature sensitive, temperatures above 24°C and low humidity are a fatal combination. Grow lights suited to seedlings are recommend, they produce less heat and less intense light.

Water Wise
Allow tap water to sit overnight if used on seeds and seedlings as the delicate plants are susceptible to chlorine.

If you are following these tips and still suffering, let us know and we will do our best to help. If this helped you and you learned something new, feel free to comment down below what it is you learnt.


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