Super Bud – Strain Review

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Super Bud – Strain Review

The best kind of bud

Super bud is another stanky strong indica. This strain is a cross between Big Bud and Skunk. The THC comes in at around 19% with a nice touch of 1% CBD.

The smell is pretty typical of Indicas. While expected that does not mean it isn’t still delicious, smelling musky, cheesy and a touch sweet. The flavour was the biggest surprising coming in very fruity and zesty. The buds themselves were thick and dense with long fiery pistels that coated the light green buds.

The high was some good old classic lethargic fun. You start out with a rush that leaves you happy, hungry and a little dazed and confused. I was more than alright tucking into the snacks. However it turned pretty relaxing as I sat on the couch giggling at the TV.

I would definitely recommend this strain for insomnia, as it quickly tuckered me out. The intense high could also mean it could be a good treatment for stress, as well as lack of appetite. This strain is also being used to treat inflammation and muscle tension. Resulting in Super Bud being a medical favourite.

This bud is just super and you should pick up some seeds right here!


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