The Buddies BumpBox – Roll 34 joints in 2 minutes

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The Buddies BumpBox – Roll 34 joints in 2 minutes

Makes life easy!

With the Buddies BumpBox you can roll 24 or 34 joints in 2 minutes or less. Let’s paint a picture: it’s a Friday night, a few people are coming over for a braai – you need to hook up the green! In a terrible turn of events, the bong breaks and your friends rolling skills are lacking, to say the least. No one is happy. Then enters the BumpBox. In a matter of minutes, every single person has a joint in hand and a smile on their face.

How does it work?

The Buddies BumpBox essentially allows you to roll 24 or 34 pre-rolled cones all at once. To start off you need to grind up some green to fill the number of cones you have racked. Then you need to fill the holes with pre-rolled cones and ensure they have a tip. We recommend the RAW Classic King Size. Then you need to spread your ground-up bud over the top of the holes, try to spread the bud out evenly between the cones. Then use the two included pokers to gently compress the ground-up bud into the cone. The last step is to place the BumpBox onto its lid and watch as the cones rise slightly into the air. Grab each nicely packed joint and twist off the end.


Using the Buddies BumpBox allows a stoner to quickly and easily pump out a load of joints. Whether you wanna show up at the party packing or you just like doing your monthly joint prep early – the Buddies BumpBox is for you!


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