The Feminized Cannabis seed

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The Feminized Cannabis seed

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Last week i touched on the different seeds offered by MSA. I think this is a really interesting topic, needing further exploration. The seeds you buy have years of engineering and genetics behind them, especially the feminized and auto-flower seeds. Today we are going to discuss the feminized seed.

Female seeds are a guaranteed, well, female. Which is important because the marijuana industry is based on the growing of beautiful, curvy, resiny females. This guarantee is more important than just using up precious nutrients and space. If you do not identify a male quick enough it can ruin your grow, plaguing your females with seeds where there should be bud.

You are getting good genetics! If someone has taken the time to breed the male chromosomes out of a seed you can be sure they bred it to have good genetics. This means that you can be sure, with proper care, that your seed will output a decent yield and have the characteristic of that strain.

Sometimes with regular seeds you can be pruning your clearing female plant and due to the stress the plant will experience a sex change. Leaving you with a useless male. This can be avoiding by using feminized seeds!

You can pick up some feminized seeds here!


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