Top Cannabis Instagrams for July – Episode 64

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Top Cannabis Instagrams for July – Episode 64

July’s High 5

Showing off just the kind of content passionate stoners are capable of, supporting fellow cannabis enthusiasts. Andrew and Dean take great pride in showing off this months top five featured Instagram accounts.

These brave individuals or groups of individuals have decided to not get left behind, they have created platforms that allow them to show off their green thumbs.

1) Greenbodhi

Immediately upon opening the page we are greeted with extremely high quality, mesmerizing close ups of trichomes and colas.

The focus on densely resinous and professionally manicured buds, with sprinkles of memes and wholesome content speaks to the fun loving yet professional nature of the weed economy. I find myself lost, staring endlessly at this page, whoever takes these photos is showing off weed in such an exciting way.

2) Knucklegenetics

This page, is actually one of the Marijuana SA approved seedbanks, we stock these genetics, as supporting our local cannabis economy here in South Africa is vital to us. Not sure about the Knuckle genetics range? Fear not, you can now check out just how your bud is going to look before you even get your seeds.

The buds on display are so generously covered in resin, looking like they are covered in a layer of frozen water droplets. Beautiful colours and mouth watering photography. These Genetics deserve a special spot in your grow room next season.

3) Simoncostandius

A local South African who has decided to incorporate his grow photos into this personal photos, creating a unique scrolling experience. The combination shows off his numerous grows as well as the final products, perfectly manicured buds. We can see this grower has passion pouring out his ears for his ladies and it shows in his posts. We look forward to your future grows.

4) Devilslettuceph

This account has a huge following, over 40k followers, understanding why she is so popular is no secret. Her posts are unbelievably creative, thinking of beautiful ways to photograph marijuana. She creates something more than bud porn, but an art piece unlike any other.

She is dedicating her posts to improving the image and name of Marijuana, the text that she adds to her photos tells a personal story about how weed has helped her. Keep it up!

5) The_green_munchkin

Our last page is another local South African. An enthusiastic and experienced grower. Making use of large Plantmatter grow beds, Blumat irrigation while running a no till, fully organic setup; reminding me of a jungle floor, so rich in diversity. Scrolling through the page, we find that they have created DIY videos with some of their very own tips and tricks which are so easy to follow at home.

If you were ever thinking of switching to an organic grow then this page is for you. Personally I love the organic growing style and seeing how its done. The results speak for themselves, everything in their grow room looks so happy and vibrant. The quality of this growers buds are breathtaking.

If you enjoyed the article and would like to check out the pages, please follow the links provided. Watch the video below to see what Dean and Andrew have to say about these pages.



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