Uncanni – A Grow Shop in Cape Town

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Uncanni – A Grow Shop in Cape Town

A brick and mortar MSA store

We love seeing people out in the world supporting and believing in the amazing industry that is cannabis in South Africa. A few weeks back we went to check out Uncanni. They were super friendly and accommodating and gave us some info on what they doing and what they are about!

They are doing something different and really cool! In the front they are coffee shop where you can even pick up a CDB coffee or a cannabis energy drink (chills you out and gets you going!). Then in the back they have their grow store. The store is based in Fish Hoek, in a beautiful area of Cape Town.

They got everything you need from A-Z in there store to get you growing, as well as CBD products, and vape supplies. They have got Grow tents, Soil, Hydroponic supplies, nutrients, pots, ventilation and more.

Us here at MSA are trying to showcase some cool spots around Cape Town. Especially showing how much the marijuana industry has already grown in South Africa. So go check them out, pick up a coffee and while your at it, a grow tent. In the following weeks we are going to highlight some cool places for you guys to see, so stay tuned!


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