Understanding Sativa and Indica

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Understanding Sativa and Indica

You would be surprised by how many people, despite using cannabis for years are still not sure what indica and sativa mean. All cannabis strains available today can be traced back to either an indica or sativa ancestor. It is important that consumers be informed on the unique effects these strains offer, as they effect how someone acts and feels differently.

Cannabis plants can be split up into three sub-varieties, indica, sativa and ruderalis. These varieties came about due to how they shifted around the world and what climate they found themselves in. The original indica and sativa variations form the backbone for all today’s most legendary strains. Indica varieties are believed to have originated from somewhere in Southeast Asia or Afghanistan; however sativa genetics are believed to come from Southern and Central Africa.

Despite looking different, a key difference between these terms is how each one makes us feel when consumed. The common understanding is that indica is more for nighttime and sativa is more for daytime. Being able to understand the effects and benefits that each strain has will allow consumers to get what they need in a medical sense.


Indica’s have a short and bushy appearance, due to short internodal spacing. Indica leaves are broad and are dark olive-green. Sativa plants grow extremely tall, with large internodal spacing. Leaves are narrow and each ‘finger’ looks separate, leaves are a vibrant lime green. Differences in appearance boil down to each strains different growing conditions historically.

Growth Form

Sativa plants originate from areas with long warm and sunny growing seasons, these conditions allowed taller plants to evolve that take longer to mature. Indicas coming from areas with colde and shorter growing seasons had to grow short and flower earlier; they evolved this way to ensure seed maturity before the cold winters, indica strains grow faster than sativas.

Smoking’s Sake?

The main difference and talking point making indica and sativa different is how they smoke. Indicas are better suited for easing us into a sedated and euphoric state, where our minds feel calm and relaxed, and in this state stress simply melts away. A deep soothing sleepiness follows the initial effects aiding with insomnia. Sativas on the other hand send us into bursts of creativity, with mood-enhancing and uplifting states of euphoria that turn every colours brightness up by 5x and super glues smiles to faces in those social settings.

The differences in how these strains help patients overcome hardships and change their lives for the better is the reason they are such a powerful medical tools. The cannabis plant saves lives and if you understand how the different strains can benefit people, you are already part of the change, let us keep educating others on these benefits and a life saving plant.

If you like this kind of content please let us know and we will make more of it in the future going more in-depth into these topics.


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