Using Co2 to get Bigger Cannabis Buds

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Using Co2 to get Bigger Cannabis Buds

Now we are getting technical

When growing outside cannabis plants absorb the natural carbon dioxide (Co2) found in the atmosphere, and the sunlight, as energy used for growth. Issues begin to occur when cannabis is grow indoors, in an enclosed space. If the area does not have sufficient ventilation the plant will exhast the Co2 in the space and this will cause the plants growth to stop.

This is why it is so important to monitor the Co2 in the space with something like the ZT20 Co2 Monitor. This natural process can be taken advantage of by ensuring your space has enough Co2 . If all the other factors such as light and nutrients are optimal the right level of Co2 can boost the growth of the cannabis plant and increase your yield by 20%.

Do I need more Co2?

While most growers focus on light and nutrients, many growers ignore the importance of good quality air to help growth. Yet just like too little Co2 can be bad for the growth of your plant, so can too much Co2. This means that it is extremely important to monitor the level of Co2 in the air in your grow space. For in indoor space the correct level of Co2 is 390 parts per millions (ppm), which will give you very similar levels of growth as you would receive outdoors, so you need to ensure that your Co2 is sitting at this level to ensure optimal growth. Proper ventilation into your grow area can ensure that your space has enough Co2 to ensure optimal growth.


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