Using Mycorrhizal Fungi To Grow Cannabis

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Using Mycorrhizal Fungi To Grow Cannabis

Friends of your roots!

Did you know that fungi, specifically Mycorrhizal fungi play a symbiotic relationship with nearly 90% of plant life. These fungi have a direct role in assisting in the growth of most plant life. Put simply these Mycorrhizal fungi assist in the transfer of nutrients from the soil to the roots of the plant.

They are friends, with a mutually beneficial relationship. The mycorrhizal fungi need the plant in order to stay alive, grow and reproduce. In return, the plant gets increased nutrients, water absorption and resistance to disease.

Why are we getting a biology lesson on fungi? Well, the fungi’s natural and wonderful benefits can be taken advantage of in growing cannabis.

How do we use the fungi?

This is a guide for the use of granular mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi can be used for seeds, new plants, soil amendment or already growing plants. The best part about mycorrhizal fungi is that you cannot damage your plants by using it too often or to much.

For seeds the granular fungi can be added right into the hole you have created for your seed. Add the fungi to your hole before you plant the seed.

For a transplant or new planting the granular mycorrhizal fungi can be directly applied to the roots of the planting. You are looking for direct contact between the fungi and the roots, so it would be best to sprinkle or dip the roots into the granular fungi.

You can also used mycorrhizal fungi to amend your soil. Many soils lack key nutrients or could be improved through amendments. You can add the granular mycorrhizal fungi into the soil by creating a soil mix or blend.


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