BioBizz Fish Mix – The Best Natural Nutrient

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BioBizz Fish Mix – The Best Natural Nutrient

A rich and powerful tool

Biobizz Fish-mix is essentially a nutrient, but an interesting and useful one at that! As the name states Fish-mix contains organic fish, comprising of a mix of a fine emulsion of fish found in the North Sea. This emulsion is then mixed with a sugar beet extraction. When this nutrient mix is introduced into the soil it stimulates the bacterial flora and encourages the growth of all the living organisms contained in the soil. Biobizz has established itself as a competitive and leading innovator of nutrients both in its home country of the Netherlands and on the international stage.

Fish Mix

How it should be used?

BioBizz Fish Mix is recommended for use with soil or coco peat and can be used with all soil mixtures. The nutrient ratio sits at an NPK of 5-1-4, which is the proportion of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) found in Fish Mix. It is mild enough in composition that it can be used during the first stages of growth, albeit with some caution. Due to this specific ratio, it is recommended that Fish Mix be used during the vegetative period of the cannabis plants growth. For more experienced growers it can be used during the flowering stage. Fish mix can be applied to your plant through a soil drench or through spraying the mixture directly onto the foliage. For a stronger nutrient mix, you would use 1ml per 1L of water but for a weaker mix, you would use 1ml per 2-4L of water.

Why use Fish Mix?

Using BioBizz Fish Mix performs a miracle within your soil! The use of this nutrient transforms poor soil into rich, healthy and fatty soil by providing nutrients and encouraging the growth of microbial life. In addition to this BioBizz is 100% organic and it contains no chemicals or unnatural additives.


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