When to harvest cannabis

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When to harvest cannabis

The time has come

So you’ve poured your blood, sweat and nutrients into these plants. Over months you’ve watched them grow and develop and are now they are nearly ready to harvest. But how do you know they are ready to harvest? It’s important to wait for the signs to ensure they have the optimum level of THC.

Generally it is about 8 weeks for Indica’s and 10 weeks for Sativa’s but this is not accurate. Luckily there are some signs that you can look for that show your plant is ready for harvest.

Trichomes are white droplets that litter the buds and sugar leaves. These can be used as a good indicator. For most of your plants life the trichomes will be transparent, but when the the plant is ready for harvest they will turn milky. However to truly access this you will need a magnification tool.

An easily identifiable sign is the fan leaves. When your plant is ready for harvest the plant will pull all its resources into the buds. This will result in the fan leaves turning a yellow colour. This is a great sign that harvest time is soon.

Lastly are the hairs on the buds known as pistels. These hairs will start a white colour when your plant is young and change to a brownish red when the plant is closer to harvest. You should harvest the plant when about 70% of the pistels have changed colour.


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