Why you need a Raw Rolling Tray

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Why you need a Raw Rolling Tray

Keeps it in the tray and off the floor

The Raw rolling tray is a great addition to the arsenal of any smoker. If we are all honest with ourselves we can admit we have made some mistakes. Let’s paint a picture! You have just ground up the highest quality dank you could find, which cost a pretty penny too. You have deposited the green gold into a tactically folded piece of paper that seemed impenetrable at the time. You’re looking at it with your mouth watering when disaster strikes! You bump the paper and your beautiful hard work pours out onto the floor, mixing with a week of being too lazy to clean the floors. This story ends on your knees with a sock on the vacuum, an eagle eye and a phone flashlight. Don’t be this guy, get a Raw Rolling Tray.

Why a tray?

A rolling tray is honestly extremely useful for the preparation and storage of the smoking essentials. when you first start smoking it seems like an unnecessary purchase, however, once you get one you won’t go back. It provides a safe, clean and flat surface in which to store your bud, especially once your bud has been ground up. The trays raised edges stop accidental spillage and allow easier gathering of the ground up bud by using the curved edge for leverage. It also ensures that your lounge table doesn’t become a mess of ash and lose bud by providing a convenient place for storage. Not to mention that raw rolling trays come with a cool design that you can pick out, sure to spark up a conversation!


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