What is Marijuana SA?


Interested in our humble business!

At Heart MSA is an online grow shop! We are some marijuana enthusiasts who saw the way our country was changing and decided to turn our passion into a business. We have been growing since we were kids. Learning and perfecting the art of growing cannabis.

Although our MSA team likes to think of themselves as more than a retail shop. We are a seed bank, a cannabis consultancy, and a Youtube channel (Check us out!). We are trying to constantly change and evolve with this dynamic industry.

Our foundation is our online grow shop. We are trying to ensure we can offer you everything you need to grow or smoke up. We have got seeds, nutrients, pots, lights, and some paraphernalia. In the end we hope that we can be South Africans first and last stop when they decide to start growing or smoking!

Yet the most important part of our business is you! The people who have supported us by buying our products or tuning into our videos. Our customers are the most important part of our business and our relations with you guys are of utmost importance to us. We get excited to think of all the grows we have helped to start and we are blown away by the passion shown!

Do not grow Blind!

LED light glasses

The damage of LED lights on your eyes!

Most people these days have discovered the amazing revolution of LED in indoor grows. There power and reliability is unparalleled. Yet not many people are talking about a massive issue they pose to growers. The damage dealt on their eyes!

Growers are spend a significant amount of time in their grow space. Be in pruning, adjusting the lights, admiring, etc. For most of this you are in the powerful glow of the LED lights. Even a small glance at these lights can cause damage to your eyes, with a longer period of time even causing permanent damage. LED lights output UV light that the plants need to grow. This UV light is bad for your eyes. Think about the UV light that the sun outputs and how painful it is.

So the answer are grow light glasses. These glasses block 100% of UV rays to your eyes, meaning even looking directly at the light will not cause any damage to your eyes. They also allow you to see your plants clearly in purple light, allowing you to see them in their real colour. Which might be even better than protecting your eyes.

The only problem is that these glasses are pretty expensive, but you have to ask yourself. Would you pay a little more to save your eyesight!

Electric dab rig

Electric Dab Rig

If we can all be honest for a second, smoking dabs looks a bit rough to the untrained eye. Smoking a bong or a joint is one thing, but someone walking in on you eagerly watching as your blow torch warms your glass piece could set a bad impression.

Do not get us wrong, we here at MSA love our dabs. They are an absolute game changer in the smoking scene. But we are not really fans of the blow torch. They are pretty dangerous, require constant refueling, and like we said they don’t look the best. So that is why we had to find a better way. That is where the electric dab rig comes in.

This dab rig completely simplifies the dabbing experience. All you have to do is attach the rig to your glass piece, plug it in, set the temperature and smoke away. Minimal waiting and no dangerous fire is involved! The peice is perfect for multiple dabs as it keeps its temperature for as long as it is on. You can even set the temp from 1-1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The best part is as long as you have electricity you can dab, the only thing that is going to get in your way is eskom!

So if you want to change your dabbing game and show off to your friends check out our electric dab rig!

High Powered COB Led Grow Light – Marijuana SA

sun cob led

LED are powerful, efficient and reliable but many people believe that Halogens still hold 1st place in terms of raw power and light penetration. That where our COB LED grow lights come in to play!

A COB LED stands for ‘Chip on board’. This means that hundreds of LED lights are on one chip. This means they contain multiple LEDs in a small area as apposed to other LEDs which are much more spread out. The COB provides full spectrum light, similar to the natural light provided by the sun. The spectrum provided by the COB helps the plants grow healthy.

The biggest use for the COB is their light output. They provide incredible output and penetration. The light from a COB easily penetrates the canopy of the plant, meaning you get an incredible yield compared to other LED and even rivaling HID lights!

The best part is that they still are incredibly energy efficient. COBs are still LEDs but they make use of the concentrated LED lights as well as lenses and reflectors to give such a big output of light. Single cobs are also very useful for larger grows, as you can spread out multiple COBs over a large area to ensure even light distribution.

COBs are just another reason why LEDs are the future of indoor growing, so pick yourself up a COB and become part of the LED revolution!


Growing from Seeds vs Clones

seeds vs clones

Which method is for you?

Both seeds and clones are great ways to grow cannabis. Like everything in life each method comes with its pro and cons. Some experienced growers stand by their respective way of growing cannabis, but chances are if you are asking this question you are newer to the scene and just want some information. Seeds vs Clones is the first step you have to make on the way to growing your first plant.


We have covered clones before, but they are basically a cutting taken off a mother plant which you then replant and flower. These cuttings are clones and are are genetically the same as the mother plant. The cannabis industry seems to be raving about clones lately. There is a reason for that!

As the world moves towards total legalization of cannabis, massive grows have been set up. These grows favor clones as it mean that they can quickly grow many plants as the clone is much further along in its development than if they planted them from seeds. All you need is one mother plant and with that you can have multiple little plants already past there 2 week seedling stage. So growing clones means you can flower quicker and with more plants. It also means that they know the exact genetics that they can expect from the plant.

So growing clones means you can flower quicker and with more plants

The problems with clones is that if the mother was particularly susceptible to any disease all the clones will be. This could mean all your plants could get affected and die. You also do not have any guarantee of the strain you are buying as you will be buying a small plant, probably from someone you met who has a mother. There probably won’t be a return policy!


Many experienced growers will only grow from seeds, for a very good reason. Seeds are also a better method for a new grower as they are pretty easy.

For one they are reliable. You can buy seeds online and be assured of their strain and quality. This means you can pick out the exact strain you want, looking at THC content, indica or sativa, growing time, etc. You can also buy feminized seeds, meaning you will 100% be getting a plant that will flower. You will not have to worry about those pesky males.

Seeds also mean that if you grow it well you will be have a healthy and natural plant. This might sound simple but if you grow from clones you could be growing from a mother that is years old. Cannabis is meant to grow for a one year cycle, not kept for years and years. Which could cause problems for its genetics and growth!

If you really want a plant to flower quickly you could go for auto-flower seeds. These seeds will flower after a set amount of time no matter what! So if you grow your plant healthy you could have bud after as little as 4 weeks!


There really is not one better method. Choose the method you prefer. We at MSA prefer growing from seeds as then we can grow any strain we want. You should get out there and grow and let us know which method you prefer.

Purchase awesome cannabis seeds from MSA here.