Why growing cannabis with LED is better?

led lights

South Africa has all the sun, but LED could be a game changer.

The technology in LED lights has advanced at an amazing rate over the last few years. The price of LED lights has decreased while their effectiveness and technology has only improved. Why is this important to a grower of cannabis? Well, LED is the best method for an indoor grow.

LED are unbelievably more effective than your HID or halogen lights in terms of energy efficiency. This means in the long-run you’re saving money in terms of the price of simply using them. There is no beating around the bush, the price of buying a LED is higher than your standard HID light. Yet the LED is so much more efficient it will always be more cost effective, meaning your investment will be worth it.

Do your HID lights require replacing? Well this rarely happens with your LEDs. They run for a really long time, not needing any maintenance. While HID also become less effective over time in terms of intensity and output, LED runs with little loss in performance.

Do you have a problem with temperature in your grow room? This is another area where LED lights excel. HID lights are known to produce a lot of heat. This can cause a lot of problems for your plants, meaning you will need ventilation or cooling systems. If you choose LED you won’t have any problems with temperature, as LEDs run really cool. With lower temperatures LEDs can be moved as close to the plant as you want, without any worry of burning the plant.

We really can not oversell LEDs. They have countless benefits and are the future of indoor grows without a doubt. So if you are thinking of setting up a grow think of LEDs first!

How to make Cannabis clones!

how to make cannabis clones

Check out our 101 on making successful clones

Clone are by far the fastest way to produce marijuana on a larger scale. If you want to skip the hassle of growing from seeds, Cloning is for you. With this technique you do not have to deal with issues like germination, lengthy grow times and bad genetics.

First you have got to have your mother. She should be well developed but still in the vegetative stage. Your going to want to clip off some of the plants inner nodes. These would be small but nicely developed branches that stem from the lower areas of the plant. They should be pretty bushy, as this means more hormones for growing, and they should be 10-20cm. This is going to be one of your clones.

Then you’re going to want to slightly trim individual leaves. This ensures the clone will focus more on root development than photosynthesis. Your also gonna want to use a razor and scrape and split the stem as it gives the clone more area for roots to grow from.

Now for the planting! First you want to dip your stem into rooting hormone, promoting growth. Then we planted our clones in jiffy cups as they have a nice amount of moisture and then into small material pots. You then need to place the clones in a humidity dome. You then need to mist the clones a couple times a day. The clones need this moisuture as they do not have roots yet. The only water they can get is through their roots.

So there you have a it. A basic guide on how to make some successful clone. So get cloning!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4ytou8ITJ0]

Silicone pipe – product review

Silicone Pipe

Inhale, Exhale; just got a silicone pipe in the mail!

There is nothing more iconic in stoner culture than the classic glass blown pipe. Its a staple in every stoners collection and a favorite method of smoking bud for many. The only problem with a glass pipe is the glass part. We have all been there, got some green fingers, think you put the pipe safely on the table; next thing you know it’s in a million pieces on the floor!

A Silicone Pipe fixes that problem. The pipe can be dropped as many times as you want but the soft, malleable silicone absorbs the shock ensuring that the glass bowl cant be broken. It has all the same benefits of any pipe, its easy to travel with, easy to smoke, it’s very discrete, and you get the cleanest possible flavour from the bud as you do not have any paper or water to affect its taste. This pipe is also really easy to clean as you can remove the glass head to easily clean the pipe in your preferred method.

With multiple colours available why wait to get your hands on one our our unique pipes, delivered right to your door!

Silicone Pipe being used.

White Powdery Mildew

White Powdery Mildew

This Fungus is a nightmare, but a fixable one at that!

White powdery mildew is a fungus that can grow on a wide array of plants, and can be an especially annoying problem for a budding marijuana grower. This problem is relatively easy to fix, just make sure you catch it early! You do not want this disease to ruin an entire grow.

This disease is pretty easy to identify as you can see in our video. It looks like a white powdery dust that accumulates on the plants leaves. The main problem with this disease is how easy it is to spread,when dealing with this issue you need to take extra care to ensure you do not transfer the spores from one plant to the next. Once the spores gets onto another plant they quickly spread, worsening the problem. You can see in our video the extent this disease can get to if unchecked. Once the disease reaches this level on your plant it will heavily affect the plant’s growth, reducing the rate of photosynthesis and reducing its eventual yield.

A close up of mildew of a leaf

How does White powdery Mildew form?

Humidity: Moisture is a big cause of this fungus, but unfortunately it does not need much. A high-humidity in your grow room can create the perfect conditions for the growth and spread of white powdery mildew. Reducing the humidity in your grow room can prevent the growth of mildew.

Bad ventilation: To prevent the growth of white powdery mildew you need to ensure there is a constant flow of fresh air into your grow room and movement of this air in said grow room. The fresh air means that if spore come into your grow space they will be quickly be recycled out. A fan in the room will blow the spores off the leaves, preventing growth.

Dense foliage or flower: If your plant is too dense it will cause leaves and buds to rub against one another creating spaces that will trap moisture, creating an ideal environment for the growth of mildew. Proper trimming and defoliation of your plant will prevent this issue.

So we have dealt with what powdery mildew is and how to prevent it. Stay tuned on our website to get a run down of methods of dealing with this issue once it has affected your plants.

Part 1 of Marijuana SA’s series on White Powdery Mildew

First time pressing Rosin – Rosin Press

rosin press

Rosin is the new big thing!

We have all seen the videos of that gooey rosin dripping down parchment paper, but what is really going on? Rosin, which is commonly known as Dab when smoked, is becoming a popular way of consuming cannabis. Not many people have access to it or have even tried it but when you have its next-level. It’s a whole different experience, its powerful, flavourful and concentrated.

Why is it harder to get your hands on some?

For the simple reason its harder to make. To make the best rosin you need butane or a rosin press. Butane is dangerous to handle and a press is expensive. This means that rosin is hard to come across and usually its more expensive. Although its worth the price as what you get is a very high grade extract with all the buds natural terpenes and flavours

How does a rosin press work?

As you can see in the video the press essentially as a heated hydraulic press. Heat is a very important factor as it is necessary for the process of extraction but too much can be a problem. The heat must be perfectly controlled to ensure the preservation of the terpenes and cannabinoids, too much heat will result in the degradation. The next thing necessary is massive amounts to make up for the low temperature. The press heats up to the perfect temperature and then begins to slowly press down on the bud with increasing pressure and the result is that beautiful golden rosin.

Rosin presses are the future of cannabis extracts and if you’re interested in purchasing one, check out our website.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99jOGYtYWck]


A tour through Stellenbosch’s first Dispensary CanaPax


CanaPax gives us a tour of their coffee shop showing off their marijuana related products, and their laid-back location

While CanaPax might not be a full blown dispensary, it shows us the exciting direction the marijuana industry is moving in South Africa. A few weeks back we went to check out CanaPax and see for ourselves what it was all about.

When you walk into the CanaPax store you are greeted by a comfortable room full of people laughing and chatting. People were sitting on couches enjoying their medicine in a relaxed environment. The staff were so friendly and accommodating, inviting to in to their shop and making you feel at home.

Of course, the weed on offer was of an amazing quality. We tried some White Widow that looked, smoked, and tasted amazing. Finally, we have a safe and relaxed place to try out the medicine we all love. They even offer different methods for one to try, from the classic joint, to pipes and great bongs.

Some of the marijuana-related products on offer

You can pick yourself up a coffee while you peruse the multitude of cannabis related products, including Cannabis oil, Nerve tonic, Hair oil, etc. All these products demonstrate the medical benefits cannabis can now offer us, from dealing with stress and anxiety, to boosting your immune system.

As South Africa moves towards legalization we are beginning to see such change. This is how buying weed should be, you pop into a dispensary and you are able to pick up your medicine in a relaxed and safe environment, with no worries about being in danger or arrested. CanaPax makes me excited for the ever changing future of Cannabis in South Africa.

Canapax Stellenbosch