How to pH water for marijuana?

The Benefits of pH and Cannabis (

Perfection Means Perfecting Everything

Consistency is key, just like humans, plants get used to a routine. Miss that morning cup of coffee and you’re likely to get moody very quickly. The exact same thing happens to your cannabis plants.

The way your plants functions and responses to changes; is influenced by the pH of your water, nutrients and soil. You can’t make the worlds best carrot cake without adding the carrots. It is still a cake but it is definitely missing something; same with pH and top quality flower.

  • Keep pH between 6.2 – 7.3 for best results
  • Incorrect pH causes nutrient toxicity
    • Toxic nutrients stunt growth
    • Toxic nutrients harm your plants roots
    • Soil microbe activity is badly effected under unstable pH

All water and nutrients given to your ladies will need to be pH tested. We recommend the use of a pH pen or chemical indicator (Bromothymol Blue) for this.

How to Identify Signs of Stress

  • Brown spots appear on middle and lower leaves.
  • If left to fester, widespread nutrient deficiency will occur.

Correcting the pH

Prevention can be better than a cure. Growers can use worm castings, gypsum and dolomitic lime to buffer the soil from unstable pH’s.

Indoor growers make use of pH Up and pH Down to correct the pH of water or nutrients before feeding. Coco-coir based substrates and mixing up liquid nutrients, requires the pH to be between 6-7.

Cannabis Nutrients Explained UMYA Nutrients

Cannabis nutrients explained

Dean chats to the owner of Umya and gets the inside scoop into what has gone into building the UMYA brand.

There are in total 10 different products that make up the Umya brand of semi-organic, carbon integrated nutrients. Depending on where you are in your growing cycle, the combination of products changes.

The Umya range of nutrients are suitable for hydroponic systems as well as boosting plant growth in organic systems. Organic nutrients make up the backbone of this product. The organic compounds are integrated with a carbon backbone, which greatly increases their ability to be absorbed.

The Umya range of nutrients is truly a unique product and one we are so excited to have on the website.