You Should Test Your Soil

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You Should Test Your Soil

Its what you put into it

One more thing to worry about when growing is the pH of your soil. The soil itself will have a pH level, the water you put through the soil will affect the pH level depending on its purity, and the nutrients you put into the soil will also have an effect. This is why I use the 4 in 1 Digital Soil Meter. It also measures a number of other parameters to aid in ensuring your grow is healthy.

What does it do?

It records the pH level of your soil to ensure that you have a healthy pH level. You should ensure that your plant pH level is between 6.2 – 7.3 for best results. Weed likes to grow in soil that is slightly more acidic but being anywhere within this range would be healthy. The soil meter will ensure that you stick to this healthy pH level, you can check out our article “How to pH water for marijuana?” for more information.

The 4 in 1 Digital Soil Meter does more than measuring the pH, as its name states. It also measures the moisture level of the soil to let you know when to water your soil. It can also measure the amount of light that the plant is getting, which can be helpful to ensure your plant is not in the shade too much, or that your indoor grow has sufficient light. It can also measure soil temperature which has a great effect on a plants growth, with the best growth occurring in the 18-24 C range.

The meter just needs to be placed in the soil, it will begin giving a reading from the LED display.


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