Blumat Shut Off Valve 8-8mm

Blumat Shut Off Valve 8-8mm

R120.00 Incl

Blumat Tropf Requires connection to a reservoir. This is done by using the 8mm Feeding Tube if you need to work on the reservoir you can use this.

  • 8mm each way
  • Control water flow out of reservoir
  • Original Blumat
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Blumat Shut Off Valve

The Blumat Shut-Off Valve is designed to interrupt the water flow in the 8 mm Feeding Tube as well as making cleaning of the systems reservoir easier.

The valve has a detachable connection on both sides.

At the end of the supply line, it is ideal for flushing and venting the tubes.

Connect a shut off valve after the tank connector

Other Blumat Irrigation Products to use with Valve

We recommend the use of multiple products as they work hand in hand to achieve the desired goal.

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