What is Acti-Vera from BioBizz

Acti Vera BioBizz

What is BioBizz – Acti Vera?

Create a truly harmonious environment for your medicine. Aloe is know to be great for humans, and now we know it is just as great for plants too.


  • Contains beneficial enzymes.
  • Stronger and healthier plants.
  • Boosts immune systems, making plants less prone to disease.
  • Plant metabolism booster and naturally increases nutrient uptake.

Organic growers looking to improve the performance of their living soil will find this product pure Gold. Decaying organic matter reacts with the Aloe Vera enzymes; after which they are converted to useable plant nutrients. A harmonious soil ecosystem boosts plant vigor, vitality and vibrancy.

This product boosts the absorption of nutrients as they become more available. This product is a natural wetting agent and increases the efficiency of foliar feeds.

Healthy plants are naturally resistant to water stress, nutrient imbalances and disease. Powdery mildew is the most common disease as it effects plants with lowered immune systems and poor nutrient absorption.

How to use it?

Apply 2-5ml of Acti-Vera, per plant, with every feeding.
Apply 5ml of Acti-Vera to be used as a foliar feed in each liter of water.
Add 2 drops of Acti-Vera to your germination solution.

Signs of stress come in all shapes and sizes, healthy plants just respond more effectively and will always produce larger yields. Powdery mildew is one of the main diseases to effect a plant with a lowered immune system.

Check out the Acti-Vera product on the BioBizz website.

How to Grow Weed in South Africa

White Widow – Strain Review

strain review White widow

Original White Widow Genetics

Genetics – Brazilin Landrace Sativa x South Indian Indica

White Widow is one of the worlds most iconic strains. This specific version has deep rooted genetics from the Original mother plant of the 1990’s.

A beautifully balanced hybrid. Perfect for beginners and experts alike. Produces massive resinous buds that ooze aroma. The aroma is sweet and spicy, a carbon filter is going to be a good idea.

Tested THC levels of up to 23%, making this an extremely potent flower. Suitable in small dosages for new users.

Growing this strain is easy and straight forward. Suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation.

The high sets in quickly. It is a balanced mix of body sensations and cerebral bliss. Even after you exhale the taste lingers for minutes.

The effect this strain has on helping combat anxiety and stress puts it on the list of medical cannabis strains. This mellow, relaxing strain is perfect for weekend mornings and after stressful nights.

Check out the Leafly article regarding White Widow.

Best strains to smoke at night

Best cannabis strains for night time

Top 5 Strains to help with Insomnia

Having a good nights rest is vital for a healthy body, and for 30-40% of the adult population, a good nights rest is just out of reach. For those that suffer insomnia at night, here are some strains to consider.

The “Indica” varieties of marijuana are known for their deeply relaxing and calming mind and body effects.

In recent years, scientist have found that high levels of THC ease insomnia sufferers to sleep.

Marijuana SA offers a wide selection of cannabis genetics; we are proud to say that we stock strains suited for medical use, the list below contains 5 strains available at MSA Seeds.

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Gorilla Glue – Strain Review

MSA Gorilla Glue Strain Review

Gorilla Glue #4

After its appearance, Gorilla Glue took off in the USA and has now made its way to South Africa!

Only 4 years ago, the mad-scientists over at GG Strains brought the first Gorilla Glue to life! A 3-way cross featuring the cross of, Chem’s Sister (a sativa phenotype of Chemdawg from 1996) and Sour Dubb (very unique candy scented hybrid of East Coast Diesel and Sour Bubble). The resulting stabilized strain was then crossed with Chocolate Diesel (OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze).

The results? Exceptional!

Despite being a young strain, Gorilla Glue’s ancient genetics compliment each other extremely well and becasue of this, its has won itself many international awards.

This Indica dominant hybrid can display both indica or sativa type leaves throughout its life. Either way expect crystal coated buds that ooze a sweet, citrus aroma. Hints of gas and pine emanate from the rock hard buds when cured.

The high hits hard and lasts for hours, it is a balanced hit of cerebral energy and tons of euphoria; feelings most commonly associate with a sativa. The high is swiftly followed by a wave of full body relaxation. Used commonly, in high doses by those with muscle aches and other bodily pain.

The relaxing and ‘buzzy’ nature of this strain makes it perfect for those suffering anxiety. When consumed in high doses can help with those suffering insomnia.

A legendary strain, one to keep.

How to Grow Weed in South Africa

How to grow weed in South Africa_

How to grow Marijuana Outdoors In Summer?

As far as hobbies go, growing cannabis is highly rewarding and exciting. However, for those growing indoors, cultivating cannabis can become a challenging and expensive investment. Growing cannabis outdoors for your first time or for anyone on a budget, can easily turn into a passion that saves you money.

Even a small outdoor grow is capable of producing good quality yields, at low costs. However knowing what to do will greatly improve your end results. In your garden, aim for a spot that receives good amounts of direct sunlight; balconies and rooftops are known to work well.

There are many factors to consider when growing outdoors and we will cover them here:

1) Why do I want to grow marijuana?
2) Growing in South Africa
3) Location, location, location
4) Cannabis genetics
5) Selecting a growing medium
6) Nutrients
7) Containers or soil?
8) Watering Cannabis In Summer
9) The Elements
10) Pests

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75 Watt Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

LED grow light QTM 150

QTM 150 LED grow light

Grow lights making use of LED technology has improved greatly over the past years. The new standard for growing indoors is changing, the old standard of HPS and HID bulbs are making their way for the young kids on the block.

The QTM 150:

The MSA team have tested these lights and measured their PPFD at different heights and distances away from the light to mimic the spread of light in your tent. The downloadable PDF below shows the light footprint at different heights.

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How To Clone Cannabis

How to Clones Cannabis

Shoot’n, Toot’n and ROOT’n

Cannabis clones should be taken from a healthy mother plant. Removal of a clone with at minimum 4-5 additional nodes (10-15 cm). Prepare as many Jiffy pellets or clone cups filled with coco-coir. A high humidity environment is key to stimulating the production of roots. Jiffy pellets retain moisture, the soft coco-coir promotes airflow and healthy root development. Leaves should be trimmed on cuttings, this ensures the plant does not waste energy making bigger leaves instead of roots. A low-powered LED light will be necessary to stimulate root development and keeping temperature above 18°C is highly recommend.

1. Cut stem at a 45° angle.

  • Ensure the use of a sharp scalpel or scissor.
    • Blunt blades will crush cells instead of cleanly cutting them.
    • Crushed cells will not make roots.
  • Using scalpel blade, gently scrape the bottom 1-2cm of stem to remove outermost epidermal layer.
    • This will stimulate new root development.

2. Apply rooting hormone to cutting.

  • Only a small coating of hormone is required to stimulate rooting.
  • Cutting can be placed into pH balanced water while more are taken.

3. Place cuttings 4-5cm into Jiffy pellet or coco-coir substrate.

4. Place Jiffy Pellets into a cloning dome to keep humidity up

  • Clip leaf tips, leaving 60% left.
    • These leaves will stop growing focusing energy on roots.

5. Mist clone dome every morning to provide additional moisture to leaves.

The Marijuana SA team sells cloning products individually or in two kits, the Easy Cloning Kit and Advanced Cloning Kit.

Growing Cannabis In Summer (EP71)

Cannabis Grow Kits

Outdoor Grow Kits – Cannabis

Summer is a great time of the year for going to the beach, relaxing by the pool side, going on beautiful nature hikes and, growing marijuana.

South African’s looking to get involved in the summer growing season need a couple things to get started.

The Marijuana SA online grow store and seedbank offers a wide range of outdoor grow kits to kick start your grow.

Based on the amount of growing knowledge you already have, MSA offers three different kits. Each kit has a ‘feminized’ or ‘autoflowering’ option depending on your preference.

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