Ceramic Vape Pen Cartridge (Metal Coil Casing) – 0.5ml

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Finest quality glass, E-cigarette style cannabis oil vape cartridge.

Smoking a vape pen is like hitting a dab on the move! Firstly the taste is amazing and so pure, you can really taste all the terpenes. This version has three voltage settings that offer different temperatures for vaporization of oils. Controlling the temperature means you can get constant flavors with each pull. The feeling of smoking a vape is similar to that of edibles. The high creeps up and before you know it you have hit the pen 20 times and you need to take a moment to collect yourself!

  • High quality Ceramic Heating Element
  • Easy to fill with Dispenser
  • Refillable
  • Improved taste compared to standard vape pens
  • Unique oil intake hole design, oil fully vaporized without residuals
  • 0.5ml Capacity
  • Oil Inlet Hole: 
  • Keep device upright when not in use to minimize chances of leaks.


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Vape your favorite oils in a discreet and stylish way.

Easy to fill, refillable glass cartridge.

Looks just like a regular E-cigarette for easy vaping in public on the sneaky.

510 thread for cartridges.

Keep device upright when not in use to minimize chances of leaks.


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