Earth Bokashi Bin

Earth Bokashi Bin

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Easily turn your Food Waste into Soil Food!

Recycle ALL your food waste-  this includes cooked and uncooked meat, seafood, bones, dairy, citrus and egg shells!

Sprinkle Earth Bokashi in and watch the magic happen.


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Start Recycling your food today!

Its as simple as layering food waste in the airtight Bokashi bin, sprinkling in Earth Bokashi and once full leave to stand for two weeks for fermentation to complete. Thereafter, the fermented waste can be composted with garden waste, trenched into soil, fed to an earthworm farms or used to make a soil factory! You decide.

Recycling food waste is dope but seriously speaking it helps reduce your personal carbon footprint and ensures a safer and cleaner home environment while adding valuable nutrients/minerals and micro organisms back into your soil on the fly- pretty neat right!

This product is 100% South African and produced locally.

The bin includes a lid, tap and internal strainer.

Earth Bokashi not included.

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Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 40 cm


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