Ecobuz Pest Pro – Bioinsecticide 3 Doses

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Effective control over common cannabis grow room pests.

  • Effective against –
                    • Whitefly,
                    • Red Spider Mite,
                    • Leaf miners 
                    • False Codling Moth

Dilute sachet into 1L water and apply as a full cover spray. Contact with pest is important. Repeat every 7-14 days.

Beneficial Bacteria


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Bio-insecticide Beneficial Bacteria

Beneficial fungi coats leaves to prevent the attacks of many common garden pests.

The specific bacteria used in this product was sourced in South Africa under a rooibos bush near Clanwilliam.

After germination the bacteria penetrates the insects cuticle where it grows inside the organism slowly feasting on it from the inside till there is only as husk.

Pest Pro Bb has the ability to reduce any of the life cycle stages of the target organism. Oil-coated spores offer, UV protection, prevents drying out in unfavorable conditions and enhanced efficacy.

Directions for use.

  • 3 pack carton containing 3 x 5g sachets (CONTACT US FOR MORE SIZES)
  • Dilute one 5g sachet in 1L of water and mix well. 
  • Apply as a full cover spray (contact with the disease is important)
  • Apply when the pest is first noticed.
  • Repeat application every 7 – 14 days.
  • Disease ProBa does not impose any risk of residues on harvested crops.  

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