Exploring Prescription Cannabis in South Africa: Pros and Cons

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Exploring Prescription Cannabis in South Africa: Pros and Cons

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 Today we’re gonna be talking about prescription cannabis in South Africa. Is it available? And there’s a couple things that you do and need to know before you dive into it. I think it’s an interesting topic. I’m sure we’re gonna see a lot of opinions about it, but I, I find it quite exciting. You know, it’s, it’s at least a development into some kind of direction and we’ve explored the process.

And obviously that that’s where this conversation comes today. Yeah, no, there’s a you guys are welcome to WhatsApp as throughout this episode. If you need any more details, there are some people that are doing you know, you need to go to the right doctor and you need to go to the right process to make sure you’re doing this the right way.

So do make sure you reach out to us on WhatsApp. It’s not as easy to get, yeah, it’s easy to get lost in the mix cuz I suppose part of this. Prescription thing that we’re gonna be talking about today is that it’s not all legit. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors and stuff out there, and like a lot of people doing some shady stuff saying that, oh no, it’s, you know, don’t worry.

You’re getting a doctor’s prescription, you know, it’s this and that. And like at the end of the day, they’re just, they’re just selling you, you know, they’re just selling you bud under the table. And for those that wanna do that, that’s fine, but for those that want to go for something like legit, and like we talking like prescription cannabis.

Yeah. It’s not like, Dude, you’re like, this is getting delivered at I think disc games and, and clicks. It gets delivered to your door, but it’s like via like a dispensary service. So it’s a proper, it’s a proper thing. I mean, I’ll show you guys the packaging. You can get different things like flower.

This was a cartt but you can see like ultra professional child safe. It had Tampa seals. Also like this is what the card looks like, comes with batteries and stuff. It’s empty now. Prescription ran out. And yeah, I think Dean, you, you got some exposure to the flower as well. You can get obviously different.

Yeah. Flowers, prescriptions, the flower’s. Very similar. Sort of nice packaging. It came in a, in a tengram size. But what we found quite cool is it was locally produced actually. Relatively close by, from a farm out of like Tel Bosch side. Not the same for this. Not, not the same for this, no. That was brought in.

But on the prescription portal, you know, there’s various different different source locations, which is quite interesting, obviously. Mm-hmm. You know, it would be cool to see mostly, if not all, south African on, on there, but we’re not at that place in, in South Africa just yet. And yeah, I mean the, the, the flowers Not the best flower I’ve ever smoked.

You know, but it’s still it was definitely good quality and you can rest assured it was obviously it had followed all the correct processes and came solid test results. Yeah. And I mean, we were pleasantly surprised to, surprised by it. Yeah. To have some something that so I suppose the big piece of mind about doing this whole process well, let me explain the process.

Start up, do the application reach out to us for some links. And basically that doesn’t guarantee you’re gonna get anything. That basically starts the process of where you actually need to have a sit down conversation with a, a doctor. This is done over like a Zoom call or a WhatsApp call.

You can basically choose and you get a few minutes with a licensed medical professional. And they’re gonna basically ask you a couple questions. Analyze why you need cannabis, and then determine your best angle of approach on that. You know, sativa indicators, I mean, you’re consulting with a doctor, so you, you, you, you’re being prescribed for a specific ailments.

And different ailments are obviously gonna have different in prescription points, which is, you know, this is o over, just like someone who wants to consume recreationally. This is what you can actually now tackle. Solid medical issues that you may be facing and get access to medicine in order to natural medicine in order to.

To, to deal with those, with those issues. And that’s why, that’s something I do like about this, this process and the doc, the doctor’s consultation as well. Yeah. Yeah. For me, I went through the, the process. I’ve not prescribed anything for insomnia, but you know, I do struggle with sleep and they obviously picked a A strain profile and they did quite a bit of analysis on that, and they’re also gonna do a follow up six months after you get it.

But yeah, you, at the end of the process, you get a certified document from Chopra the South African Council for Medical Professionals and. It’s got your name on it, it’s got your application, it’s got the doctor, you saw the doctor’s qualifications. It’s usually attached to a prescription with the dosages, the quantities, the strain the batch number.

Like this is like, this is some seriously, seriously technical stuff. And it’s not like, not like it’s through the roof rates, you know, you would think, oh, it’s, you know, prescription. Like there was a phase a while back when prescription was like, Ridiculously expensive, but now it’s like, yeah, I mean you have to pay for your prescription and I think it’s reasonable.

What was your take on on price wise? It didn’t seem overboard. I think. I mean, going to the doctor alone these days is like 500 to a thousand depending on what doctor you go to. So I think like rate wise it was pretty, pretty standard. And also, you know medical wise, the medicine wise, it also seems pretty, pretty competitive.

So it doesn’t seem like it’s. Over the top process. I don’t think you, you’ll ever get like the triple A grades kind of style buds, but you don’t generally people say about sort of commercially cultivate stuff. It’s never going to, to, to be that way as craft, you know. So, but it’s once again, you, you’re getting stuff that’s been like stringently tasted and for a specific ailment.

Yeah. We obviously selected a well, I selected the. The blue I think it was like a blueberry and I mean, it was super, super cool to see, for it to come package delivered, all of those sorts of things. It was actually a very interesting process and it’s for me, it does. I felt quite confident about it.

You know, I because it, it just shows that like, things are normalizing. In a sense. Yeah. And it just seemed like a normal process that like my granny would want to get involved in. You know, my granny’s not gonna go and grow dang indoor in her garage to get medicine. She’s gonna want to be prescribed it by a doctor.

She’s also not gonna go to Snap. She’s not gonna go on a Snapchat either. And like start DMing strangers for Exactly. You know, like for someone who’s having. Like, I mean, if you know, like you know, if for example, like if you’re dealing with, you cancel or something like that and you need access to actual medicine, that’s gonna make a difference and you needed to really treat you for this, you know, rampant case of something you have, I think it is an amazing option that’s now available to people because people do have major issues that need to be dealt with and not everyone can or, or wants to cultivate and, and, you know, at the end of the day you want to get it from somewhere.

If you wanna get it, if, if you believe fully in, in sort of getting it from, from your doctor and, and, and being prescribed and knowing that everything was done sort of as legitimately as possible, then it’s it’s just a whole new ballgame. It’s a completely different side of, of the scope of things we usually talk about, I believe.

If, if you’re so, so who this is for, just for those that are, are wondering like Dean said, consistent. If you want something that’s like, Very consistent. You’re probably getting it from a large crop. Large crop is not like gonna be a boutique crop. So you want a consistent supply of a consistent strain to give you a consistent effect that’s guaranteed to have no heavy metals.

It’s traceability. You know, it’s a very, very controlled process. And then I’ll also think. You’ve got a big advantage because it’s, this is, this is, this is something that a lot of professionals might want to go for because yes, it’s legal to have cannabis on you and it’s legal to you know, smoke in your, in your own private places and so on.

We’ve explained this before, but as a professional, you know, you’ve still gotta acquire cannabis somewhere and like there’s people out there that like, just can’t afford to have a mis, have a policeman. Yeah, a policeman accidentally arrest him. Reputationally just for having cannabis, cuz police are still doing it.

They are. You have 10 grams or 20 grams and they throw you in the back of the truck. They’re confiscated. You get written up, you have to go to court and then the court just dismisses the case cuz it, you know, it was a wrongful arrest. You can’t afford it. Some people can’t afford the wrongful arrest. I think a lot of those people are gonna be going in for it.

I also believe you guys maybe need to check out, we actually did a whole episode on Section 21, cannabis section 21, cannabis about four weeks ago with a law firm. And I really wanna, actually, I, I can’t remember. I think you can, this is the only way to get a prescription for a minor. If you have a minor in your possession that needs cannabis for some sort of various ailments.

So that could be this, this would be the avenue that you would approach, but, Other than that maybe inconvenience purchases. You know, you, it’s, it’s once, it’s once it’s prescribed, you know. You can just order it online. But yeah, what it’s not for, as in as Dean, yours has said, probably not for your connoisseurs.

Probably not for, no, it’s not really for getting cuffed. You know, like it’s, it’s medical grade, but it’s, it’s not, it’s not their model. And they’re probably not going to entertain that so much. I mean they, they do realize, but yeah, that, that, and then that’s, You’re probably not gonna get a w a wide variety as well.

I mean, even if, even within the range of prescribable things, I think you, you looked at it quite recently and it’s probably only 10. Five to 10 different straight. There’s quite a few things on there and I think it will grow, it will grow over time, but you’ll never get that variety or that trendy nature that you’d get from say, cultivating your own.

Like if you wanna push for the Dan of the Dan, the best way to go forwards would definitely still be to learn to cultivate yourself. You know, but if you’re, like Andy said, if you’re looking for consistency because of various different reasons, This definitely does make sense for someone, and I once again feel, you know, if you’re someone who’s like, really got serious issues and you need a solution for it relatively fast, you know, this is, this isn’t a good option for you.

Because not a lot of, not a lot of people wouldn’t even know the first phase to. Start to look for. Yeah. Yeah. And the, the, the instructions, like, I mean, it’s just a, like, this is just a vape card, right. But it comes with like a book on how to use it. It’s like, take the cart and screw it onto the battery, you know, because like it’s really like, come on, they are, there’s a lot of the population that hasn’t, that hasn’t ever even come in contact with cannabis.

And yeah, I guess like a card could be a little bit complicated, put it in, and even the prescription and like a prescriptions are very like, well suited to someone. Getting started on this you know, or, or starting into this treatment of a medical illness or, you know, of any sort of ailment that it’s like low and slow.

You know, it’s gonna say literally on day one, it gives you like, Your puff schedule by the day. And it’s just like, say like and or gram’s schedule by the day. And it’s just gonna say on the first day it’s just gonna be like, have like a small light puff. Second day, third day. And then like by the last day, obviously you’ve, you’ve acquired a bit of tolerance to it.

And I think that’s like a nice way. To not scare people off cannabis, cuz I think some people do obviously get cannabis. It’s not exactly, they don’t know what it is and then they just go way too hard or they drunk at the same time and then, you know, that causes a whole bunch of side effects that can be unpleasant for the end consumers.

Well, I think. I dunno. You’re right, it’s gonna be around for the foreseeable, for foreseeable future Dean. I don’t know. It’s it makes me positive. Like there’s not a lot of positive things happening in, you know, around the scene at the moment. It’s felt like we’ve kind of been moving slow, but, you know, there’s, there’s spaces for, for every kind of micro industry under, under the cannabis, there’s gonna be prescription, there’s gonna be recreational, there’s gonna be boutique.

And I think they all have their space and their, their reason to be there. And for those who are interested in something like this, I think it’s, you know, it’s, it’s a solid, it’s a solid solution. And, but once again, it’s not gonna be for, for everyone, you know, me personally, I’d prefer to just continue to grow my own.

Because I can and I haven’t, you know, but for someone who’s never experienced it before and is wanting and is hesitant and wants to get the correct advice and is looking for a medical reason, this is gonna help you avoid that. You know, like first time getting way to stone, getting put off it forever, taking the wrong thing for the wrong ailment.

Mm. You know, it’s just gonna give you what you need at the end of the day through a structured process. Which is for some people, you know, some people would need that structure in order and structure around cannabis. Can only be good in the long run to show that cannabis individuals can also be structured, you know?

So I’m positive about it. Like I said, I don’t know if it’s fully for me, per se, but I think a lot of you out there, it could, could be for you if you get, if you’re starting to learn about this, about this journey. Yeah. Well guys, we wanted to let you know you have this option available to you. I think it’s pretty cool that the, that the systems move this way.

I mean, even if you go to the Health Professional Council, the shopper website, there’s like a app section 21 application. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s there, it’s available you know, like this is. Legitimized from the top down, not from, not necessarily, this is the least of all the gray area things out there.

This is as, as legit as it gets. You know, the more I try to explain how legit it is, the more it seems like it’s probably not. But usually on this channel, it’s usually there’s some sort of element of discretion. But this, I would say is, is one of the more up to date and Good options for you guys out there.

So if you guys enjoyed today, make sure to leave a comment. Let us know what your thoughts are, let us know if you’ve gotta be trying it out. Remember, you can WhatsApp us, we can give you some more details. We can give you some links to get you in contact with the right medical professionals. We obviously don’t claim to be professionals, but we’ll put you in touch with the right people who will be able to give you further advice.

So do reach out to us and hope you all have an more amazing weekend and you’re enjoying Youth Day today. And till next time. These guys, these guys.


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