Harvested, Now What?

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Harvested, Now What?

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 When it comes time to finish your grow, you’re sometimes left with a lot of things that you wish you had done better and a lot of things that you wish you had done from the get-go. And today, Luke’s gonna be talking a little bit about his experience, just finishing up and we’re gonna talk about a little bit of the plans of, you know, setting up for your next grow, a little bit of things that you can do to improve, and just a little bit of feedback on the latest harvest.

It’s gonna be quite cool. And without further, where are you at now? So you’ve, you’ve obviously harvest. And the room’s cleared and you’re now looking to, are, are there some big changes that you’re gonna make to this space? Yes. So with the next run we are implementing co2. So over the course of this weekend, I’m doing a big clean reset.

I’m spacing my lights a little bit differently. And then going in and getting our par readings and P P F D readings off of that so that I can then calculate my CO2 input thereafter. And then changing a couple of fan systems, moving my table a little bit further away from the wall for airflow reasons.

Making it a little bit more manageable to, to work in, you know, having. Using every inch of your grow area is cool, but you, you need to have some space to at least do the work. You know, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for disaster there. So, little things like that. Changing dehumidifiers, getting a bigger dehumidifier in there.

We’ve also recently just taken it off off grid along with the whole house so that, you know, it’s gonna make a, make a big difference. One thing I have noticed is the, the power cuts just. Makes it very tedious and, and difficult to grow in and can lead to you not being motivated to, to maybe stick on top of the things like you should.

So that, I think was a very, very big reason for, for going off offline and then resetting on this next run, making sure that. Everything is as much as I can get sorted, sorted. And that, you know, I’ve got my notes from the previous runs. Every single run has gotten better through the space. You know, we are making adjustments after every run you have to have a look at and see what you need to do differently.

And so far so good. So yeah, CO2 is going in. We are also using the trail master automation. Systems. So, you know, from lighting to watering to my air conditioners, dehumidifiers humidifiers, that’s all being controlled by a smart brain network. And that really, really does help me optimize as much as I can.

So these improvements were there like a. What were, what were your major and this is like fast uptime, but like what were your major shortfalls? Not that they were shortfalls, but like everyone’s gotta be critical on themselves. What did you find during your last, last run that you, obviously you’ve mentioned the co2, you wanna obviously do that for a bit of a bit of a bump in the yield.

But what were the problems that you think you could have mitigated had you, had you had known at the beginning or know what you know now? I think You know, I, I kind of knew that my dehumidifier that I was running was a little bit too small. It definitely doesn’t get the my v p D in check as, as much as I’d like to.

And then as we were going and finishing flower in our space here in the Western Cape, we had sort of a good couple of days of rain. And because it’s not a closed loop system, you know, then the, the, we have the weather outside getting a lot of moisture in as well as the plants doing their things, sweating, et cetera, et cetera.

So, massive hum spikes there, which isn’t always the best. Especially late into flower. And then the dead spots for me that having airflow dead spots was, you know, you could see the difference. The, I did have a little bit of a thp. THP damage and THP problem that came in and Having those dead spots definitely didn’t help.

And you know, I know that that’s not the only reason why the immunity of the plants, you know, wa wasn’t a hundred percent there. The biologicals within the medium weren’t there. So they were struggling to fight it often and towards the end there are know trustin, what I’m, I’m also struggling to try and keep up with them, so, You know, sticking, being a little bit harder on my IPMs and then making sure that I’ve got my airflow sorted and that I can minimize as much dead spots within the space was, was extremely important.

So, with regards to the product as well, so we, we, we obviously have a few tips and tricks for getting the next setup going and improvements. But what are you planning now to processing wise? Are you gonna be obviously just doing a dry and cure, keep it as flour, or are you gonna do dry cure, maybe make it into an oil distillate, press hash?

What are you, what are you planning? So it’s quite a bit of flour to sustain us through. Through the winter are coming up, which is cool. So yeah, we’re gonna be experimenting a little bit. All our off cuts go into blasting or processing, so either into making dree hash or mm-hmm. Directly into B B H o, Butan hash oil.

Alternatively, we are gonna be doing quite a bit of pressing as well. And then all of our in terms of processing, what we like to do is sort of like a, a a, a, a sco a farming scale is don’t leave anything to waste. So stems all go into composting root masses and ru balls. And medium is all recycled trims and, and off carts and small popcorn buds all goes into processing, whether it is to make hash oils using butane or brazen, et cetera, et cetera.

So Currently not really a, a plan, I would say, set in place for exactly what we are gonna do, but I, I know we are gonna make some, some cool b h o within the next week or so Dean and myself. So that’s gonna be lots of fun. And then hopefully Making some distillate in the future. That’s definitely something that we need to look at.

You know, the carts and, and everyone loves smoking the carts when you’re out and about and yeah, in public it’s quite it’s quite nice and easy to do it, you know, you’re not sparking up a fat joint. Or a bong somewhere. You know, I think that’s something that I’d love to love to get in and find a little bit more about, you know get big distrac modern convenience.

Yeah. Hoping to, to try out some of the, when it’s ready and some of the Some of the finished product and yeah guys thanks so much for watching. I would like to just reintroduce our Patreon, which we have linked below. We are bringing it back to life, and we are also sponsored by VPN Searching.

Scrupulous things online. It does help to have a vpn, especially here in South Africa. If you log in to things like Netflix, when your VPN’s on, you get better videos, you get like the American content, which is always a little bit better. And obviously if you’re watching this, you may be. Googling some scrupulous things from time to time.

So it does help out using that. So yeah guys, thanks so much for this, obviously, or YouTube doesn’t monetize us, so we do have to get a little bit of support where we can. And as always appreciated, Luke, your knowledge today that you shared invaluable. Really, really appreciated. And until next week, guys, peace please.


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