How to Dry Cannabis Flower

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How to Dry Cannabis Flower

Let’s prep those buds!

So you’ve grown a plant. Tended to it and nurtured it and now the time has arrived. Your beautiful plant has flowered and its time to chop em down and smoke em up. But how do you go about that? Drying is an extremely important step affecting the flavour and aromas of your buds.

First you’ve got to cut the plant down. Everyone seems to have their own method. Some people cut the plant by the stem or into tiny buds. Us here at MSA like to cut off main branches. Then you need to trim the plant by cutting off any excess leaves.

You need to hang the branches on lines of wire giving them some distance so air can move freely between them. You want to choose a dark area with a temperature of 15-20°C with a humidity level of 45-55%. We also recommend a small fan to increase air circulation. During the drying process the buds will lose a lot of moisture meaning they will shrink in size.

How long the drying process takes depends on the size of the buds, as larger buds will take longer to dry. In general the drying will take 7-12 days.


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