The Tobacco Alternative – Leafolo

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The Tobacco Alternative – Leafolo

Stop smoking, by smoking!

Leafolo is a great alternative for those wanting to stop smoking tobacco. Everyone knows that smoking is hard! At the end of the day tobacco is a drug, and kicking the habit is hard. A friend once said that he still craves a cigarette every time he has his morning coffee, despite it being years since he has smoked. A nostalgic trigger per se. Leafolo can help you wean off the cigarettes by scratching the smoking ith with a healthier alternative.

A South African Special

Leafolo is a product that contains absolutely no nicotine or any other harmful products. Leafolo prides itself on providing a product that provides a soft and gentle smoke with a soft texture. The product is 100% South African, grown, harvested and created from the beautiful land of South Africa. This product can be used to help kick that nicotine habit or used to mix with your other smoking herbs (Wink, wink).

So what do we have

The first of Leafolo’s products is the Lions Tail: Leonotis Leonurus. This is a blend of South African medicinal plants, used for decades by the Khoikhoi people of the cape. The smoking exprience is gentle and pleasant and was used as a tradiontal remedy for a range of ailments. Leafolo also has a Leafolo Hemp Blend – created with high CBD hemp flower grown in South Africa. This blend provides a relaxing and calming experience that has been linked to the treatment of anxiety and depression.


off, especially for you❤️‍????

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