Live Q&A: Your Home Growing Questions Answered!

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Live Q&A: Your Home Growing Questions Answered!

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 So welcome to the couple guests. We have one at the moment. You guys are auto muted and cameras are off. Let’s it grow. We’ll go first. We basically want you guys to just post your, there’s a chat on Zoom. If you look at the bottom of the meeting, you’ll see there’s a whole bunch of buttons. Click the chat button.

Andrew’s just posted a, a comment there. And basically we want you guys to ask your question in the chat. We’ll then call on you and we will facilitate some questions and answers. After your question, you’ll be muted and you’re more than welcome to stay along for the question and answer session or alternatively be on your way.

So yeah, welcome and hit us up with your question. When to start low stress training for autos. Do you go on vigor of the plant or time specific? Yeah, so I think that’s the second the first point there is, is the nail on the head. Like I never do anything except for counting your flowering period.

You never really want to do anything time specific. It’s more related. You can’t say, okay, cool, on day four I need to do this cuz every single plant is gonna grow differently. So I would allow the sort of first on average two week period for the plant to get established and then start daily low stress training on the plant.

Once it has reached, reached a a size that it is now a little bit more robust. Generally you’re looking at leaf set between re leaf set three and four that you wanna start your low stress training. But once again the timeframe would be heavily dependent on the auto itself. Some autos just. Never get big.

That’s how it is. Others are rapid, and you might need to start a little bit sooner, but over time specific, I would look, how big is the plant? How fast is it maturing? And then decide on your low stress training strategy accordingly. See the, another question’s been posted here. Du dry spells boost growth for autos.

Does the roots New roots look and grow faster. Looking for water. And I would say yes. You know, getting a dry back, a good dry back is essential. Growing any cannabis plant, you don’t wanna overset your water, oversaturate your soil, but you also don’t want to have it obviously being too dry for too long.

So if you can focus your drive backs, Within your night cycle and then give sufficient water throughout the day while the lights are on or the sun is out. You know, that is, is always good. Good practice to do. Follow on that question. There’s a second part. Doesn’t AutoFlow flower, when the roots reach the sides of the pot, If they, if they do, is a dry spell or root grow better or worse?

Yeah, so I, I think any stress on an AutoFlow is gonna cause it to go into early or go into flour. So if you’ve planted in a small container and it is sort, sort of starting to get pot bound. Then your your plant will get into a stress stress period. It will realize it’s running out of space and it’ll go into flour to make sure that it gets something.

At the end of the day, if it’s super healthy and vegging out and you know, there’s little deficiency, you in gen on, on average, your plant’s gonna sort of want to push into veg. Stage for longer. I’ve even seen some incredibly, incredibly, incredibly healthy autos not even go auto at all, which is like, you know, one in a, one in a hundred or so.

But and then on the second part, if you are, if you have a root bound part, you know it’s going to dry back incredibly, incredibly, incredibly fast. So then, yeah, the this using the same dry spell you were using on a non root bound plant, it’s going to dry out completely. So once again, it would be, Looking at the plant, you know, how saturated is that that substrate, and then making a decision accordingly.

There’s no formula once again, but okay. I’m gonna ask the next question from Yako. What high c b D with almost no THC strains is easy to grow indoors, and I feel like Luke, you might have a. A good answer on that. Yeah. So I personally like the Dutch Passion, C B D Rangers. Those are always really, really good to go for.

But we also have a C B D critical X XL that’s also really, really good to, to grow out. So, you know, if you. Looking for something like that and it is easy to grow out indoors. I would recommend going for that. Anything from from Dutch passion is, is generally amazing. So they’ve been breeding for a really, you know, quite a, quite a good while they.

Seed bank is large as well. They do lots and lots of projects and it’s it’s big breeding projects. So you know that more often than not, you’re gonna get something that has, well stabilized, the lineages are good, et cetera, et cetera. So, yeah those are my recommendations. If you have any others that you’ve tried as well, that you’ve found some success with, please also let us know.

We’d love to hear feedback as well on anything that you guys are doing. Charlotte’s Angel I’ve seen grow in indoors and outdoors across you know, I’ve, I’ve seen a good couple grows over the last five years and some of the nugs are, so if it’s well growing, it’s, it’s generally comes out super big nugs, super frosty, and you it the differentiation between sort of high T HC flower and the high C B D, less than 1% THC of the Charlotte’s angel.

You can’t tell the difference. If you were to look at the flower, it looks like It looks. Silent, you know, the sank. So on a YouTube video on nuking auto flowers as an experiment, I think it was Dr. AutoFlow, he grew two autos in one rectangular pot and nuked them with nutrients starting stating that it is bad to over nutrient the plants.

But this is an experiment. So fast forward to after harvest. The one auto was bigger, roots had the smaller canopy. And smaller yield than than one with smaller roots had the bigger canopy and bigger yield. Would there be a reason since both had the same space in nutrient nuke? So two parts. One plant is always gonna be quite tricky because early on I mean, I haven’t seen the video.

I wonder what the what the plants look like earlier on. But if you’re growing from my personal experience if you’re growing in a, a container and then you have multiple. Multiple plants, there’s always one dominant plant that sets out and it’s quite early on generally, so even when the root masses are still small, there’s always one that seems to become dominant and just start to grow more than others.

So I wonder if that, I would assume if that plant may became the dominant plant early on, you know, it’s it may have just had a, had a sort of a, a more of a fast start and been able to, been able to. Get further ahead. Alternatively you know, maybe it was just a, that specific phenotype if grown from seed.

I dunno. Yeah, I mean, all autos have grown from seed. So if grown from seed, maybe that phenotype was a bit more, you know, a bigger yielding pheno of the same, of the same strain to, to do a real experiment there, you would have to take the same genetic out of the same pack. If possible, but even then you’re going to possibly get variances.

It depends on how stabilized the gene pool is there. But you would need to take them, same seeds from the same pack, put it into the same size part with the same medium, nu the one with nutrients, and then one with less. And that would give you a more, a more accurate reading of the, of the testing there.

Whereas as Dean said, you know, there will be, if it’s in the same pot, there will be one plant that will be dominant and take over. Yeah. And I personally haven’t ever seen, I don’t know, AutoFlow I’ve earned, I’ve been growing them for much shorter than photo periodic, so I’ve grown more photos over the time.

But the variance in, or there’s always more variance in AutoFlow, and that also comes back to the breeding practices. AutoFlow is recessive, so it actually doesn’t want to go auto. So root has been bred with a sort of a hybrid to, to, to get a bud bud size. But that That auto gene always wants to breed itself out if it’s living in an environment where the light is longer than that of where it would’ve naturally been bred.

So yeah, autos are tricky because they’re harder to breed. You can’t keep the mom, the mom stock, so you do still see more, more variance. I’m sure it’ll change over time and become more and more and more stable as guys breathe down the line. But I mean, even on some of the most stable advertised autos, you still see in quite a, quite a variance, which is cool as well.

You know they’re, they’re smaller, they’re, they’re a shorter lifestyle cycle and it’s, it’s where you kind of wanna see variants. Whereas if you’re running clone and if you used to run in clone, you don’t see the same. You hardly see any variance across a whole, a whole, a whole array of, of plants. I always have a a question.

Do you advise buying a genetic that is easier to grow on your first grow or do you advise rather buying a genetic. That is sort of something that you want to consume at the end of it. You know, do you go out of the bat for something super high THC or do you go for something that’s gonna be a little bit easier to grow?

Especially cause say it’s your first grow from my side, I think it depends on your objective. You know, what do you want to get out of? The plant, if you’re looking to consume it recreationally and for fun, then focus on the flavors and the type of feeling that you’re wanting to get out of it. But that also goes for if you’re wanting to grow it and consume it for your own medical purposes for, you know, relaxation, for stress, anxiety, euphoria there, I would say you would have to do it a little bit more research.

Into finding something that’s gonna focus on what you, what you’re wanting out of it. But if you are using it for recreational use I think getting a seed and getting it in the ground is the best way to, to go and to learn. Is it worth going for a. Big tent out of the bat, or is it worth sort of getting something smaller and more manageable, but then maybe having to run into upgrade issues down the line?

If you are, I I, if you are planning to upgrade down the line, it might be better to go. What I would normally suggest is going for Your end goal tent because tent pricing is quite it’s not so massively different, but where the costs do start to really go up is when you’re selecting your lighting.

So as a newbie grower, if you are wanting to say, do a, you know, 1.2, but you are only gonna start out with two plants, I wouldn’t suggest going for a, like a oh eight and then having to upgrade quite soon because you’re gonna need, you’re gonna need to get sort of slightly larger equipment. But and also, you know, you, your, your, your light that you’re gonna put in there is gonna be, you’re gonna wanna upgrade quite soon.

And if you’re going for something like a 2.4, by 1.2 or 2.4, by 2.4 will always be more advisable to start off. With maybe half or a quarter of the space, you, your, your fans and your environmentals you put in place, but your lighting, you start off smaller and you do a grow, and then you upgrade your light again, and then you up add another light.

So instead of having to add a whole bunch of. New fans and, and ducting and all of that sort of stuff. You invest in that at the start, but then you slowly grow on the amount of lighting in the amount of plants. Cuz the main complication comes with more plants over working in a bigger space. I mean, if you’ve got the space, it’s nicer to be able to do like a 2.4 by 2.4.

If you’re only running one light in it, you can do all your work inside. It’s all contained. You know, there’s enough space to do everything you need to do. Then if you stack that whole thing and it’s your first time, you’re gonna be overwhelmed by the tasks and you won’t even know how to spot deficiencies and, and stuff like that.

So I always suggest the maximum if the client wants to go maximum tent, you know? Then if the end goal is a big tent, start with start close there and then, but reign it in on the lighting a bit because the lighting’s the biggest expense in any, any indoor, indoor grow by a long shot, you know, 60% of your investment.

Mm-hmm. It’s gonna be into, into lighting. I just wanna add on so from Let It Grows, currently growing your strains, the fem auto salad, diesel times two, seven days apart, cookies and cream, also two of those seven days apart and two green smoke. Gsr seven days apart, and they’re super easy thus far.

That’s good to see you. Okay, so new, new to the indoor growing scene. We’d love to hear more about the, you know, sort of lighting setup and whether it’s like a room table tent, something like that. And yeah, we actually, a lot of the strains, we, we don’t breed the strains ourselves. We get them from international suppliers and we do like to basically grow most of them out.

Especially like sour diesel, I mean those, and yeah. See we’ve had that for four. Yes.

When you find a good genetic you know, and a good like a, a breeders that. You know, producing good genetics is good to hang on to them as, as long as possible. So, yeah, no, it’s, it’s good to see that you’re growing new to the grow scene. Maybe just a little bit of an addon to what Dean was saying earlier.

You know, it is always better to plan ahead. So if you are planning on expanding or going bigger than what you can maybe currently afford to go or want to go because you’re learning. Cool, go for it. But also, maybe there’s another strategy you can implement if you physically can’t do it, but you wanna get yourself started, you could go for the 0 8 10 and then down the line, turn it maybe into your own mothering station and somewhere where you can clone and down the line you.

You build up from there. So there are multitudes of, of strategies that you can go for when growing indoor and you know, it’s like minor deans and your, you know, everyone at MS a’s jobs to make sure that you’ve got all the options to explore. So, yeah, I think, you know, that’s what I do, did myself, started in an O eight tent small little 71 l e d light grew one plant fall absolutely head over hills with, with the whole process.

Had amazing bite to smoke and it also was an order flour. And ever since then I was hooked and we used that oh eight for cloning and have used it for mothering and flowering ever since, you know, so it’s always, it’s always a, you know, a decent investment. And just to make sure that whoever is supplying you with the knowledge when buying your equipment, you know, you need to communicate with them.

Kind of what you want and to make sure that they are providing you with all your options as well. So we try and strive our best to do that as best as possible, you know, any, any other comments or questions? I see there is a questionnaire morning.

That is true. Can confirm. I can confirm that is very true. There’s no other questions. We won’t keep everyone too long, but yeah, in future we hope to have people giving specifics on lighting, people giving specifics on different genetics and whether it’s, yeah, whether it’s growing, but it also might be sort of in the legal cannabis space or c b d space.

Till next time guys. Cheers. Cheers.


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