Marijuana SA Weekly (EP44) Ft. Plantmatter

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP44) Ft. Plantmatter


Fabric grow pots, mycorrhizae fungi, say what? Sit down, grab a drink, your favorite herb and join the Marijuana SA boys as they talk to the super cool owner of Plantmatter, Kyle. If you’re interested in getting to know more about this local business owner, check out the YouTube video.


Plantmatter is an innovative, local South African company that specializes in their material grow bags, raised fabric grow beds and mycorrhizae fungi.

Plantmatter Material Grow Bags

These grow bags and larger grow beds are made with mother nature in mind, they look after your plants and the environment, they are made with environmentally friendly materials and are reusable. These plant bags just do things regular pots cant, made with a breathable fabric they are able to air prune your roots, you will never need to worry about over watering and root problems with these bad boys.

Regular pots can be slightly less expensive but at the cost of causing root bound plants, these plants become stunted and do not preform as well as they could. The roots wrap around each other and hold onto nutrients and water instead of sending it to where it needs to be.

Fabric pots have been shown to cause air pruning, this process takes place when roots come into contact with air and dry up forming new roots elsewhere. Instead of seeing long thick roots we see more dense fluffy roots that are very good at moving nutrients from the soil to the growth points.


The Plantmatter mycorrhizae fungi can be added to any soil mixture to improve its health. A healthy soil has life in it and that is exactly what Myco-Plantmatter offers, healthy living soil.

The fungi grows in the soil and comes into contact with the roots of the plant where the two make a little deal, the plant gives the fungi food and in return the plant gets much needed resources from the fungi. This fungi is super important for many ecosystems around the world and has been proven scientifically over and over to be a extremely useful and worth looking into to boost your plants growth.

Plants grown with mycorrhizae fungi are, healthier, more resilient to pests, can tolerate more stress and are going to produce better yields.

Check out out grow SHOP for all the Plantmatter products as well as everything else you will need to grow high quality tomatoes!



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