Marijuana SA Weekly (EP53) An update from our grows.

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP53) An update from our grows.

Marijuana SA Weekly (EP-53) Grow updates

The Marijuana SA weekly podcasts, keeping us in the loop and informed while sharing some laughs along the way. The team discuss what’s hot and what’s not in their tents and gardens, as well as the prospects of growing in winter and the need for basil.

Dean discusses his amazing outdoor harvest boasting over 5 different strains, with a special mention to the Royal Queen Green Gelato genetics, all genetics mentioned can be found on the Marijuana SA store. Dean discusses the differences between his outdoor and indoor Green Gelato while Andrew discusses his tent with some Austrian genetics from Afghanistan that sound to be very exciting and possible new additions to the seedbanks.

Starting to grow is one thing, but trying to start in winter because of lock-down is another thing. Listen to what Andrew has to say regarding winter grows. The team give us advice on how to actually handle the winter conditions for a good result. Growing is a practice makes perfect type of thing, the team therefore suggest using the winter months as a experiment for new growers to see what kind of issues and solutions they can come up with. Iron out all the kinks in winter and get some experience if you are new, it will make that summer harvest even better!

Every grower no mater now experienced will encounter some kind of problem at some stage of their grow and will always need to find a unique solution. Andrew has some thrips damaging his plants and discusses the use of basil in deterring the them.

Thank you for all the love and support on all the platforms and do not forget to keep supporting the grow store.



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