Marijuana SA Weekly (EP60) Top Instagram Picks

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Marijuana SA Weekly (EP60) Top Instagram Picks

The High-5

Supporting fellow cannabis enthusiasts, showing off just the kind of content South Africans are capable of; Andrew and Dean take great pride in showing off this months top five featured Instagram accounts.

These brave individuals or groups of individuals have decided to not get left behind, they have created platforms that allow them to show off their green thumbs.

1) Canha_patch

At first glance this page looks very professional, “nothing for sale”, as well as the links to the seed banks they support, very good to see this added.

We can see some beautiful budding tree shots, high quality and very professional bud shots with white backgrounds showing off those beautifully manicured nuggets. This page makes my mouth water with the high quality content, very well done. We look forward to another one of their giveaways in the future too.

2) Kominski420

Did someone say monster cropping? Kominski420 here shows off some of the best looking monster cropped trees I have ever seen. Posting since August 2019, with over 200 posts we can really see they are veritable professionals already; they have probably been doing this for years perfecting their art. Truly beautiful, professional content.

3) Cropofthemorning

A very new page showing off some beautiful buds, not as professional as the other two pages that state its for personal use, a very important precaution when starting off your social media journey into cannabis. Overall i can say this grower has passion pouring out his ears for his ladies and it shows in his posts.

4) Jmagilla

While this page may not be South African, it sure allows us to see just what scale the international cultivation of cannabis is on. We are talking completely climate controlled rooms where everything is monitored and adjustable using computers. Grow beds filled with living soil and trees that will blow your minds. This style of growing provides bud for dispensaries where only the highest quality regulated bud can be sold.

5) Trichomechaser420

Lastly, we have another local South African that has taken growing cannabis personally. This grower does not mess around, photos from all stages of growth; from seed to post processing. Close-ups of bud showing off the trichomes, making us drool over their crazy snaps. Despite their page only being 2 years old, they have a crazy amount of content that is posted daily.

If you enjoyed this and want to check out the pages please follow the links and watch the video to see what Dean and Andrew have to say.



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